Make an impact| ghd steals the show

Make-an-ImpactB’ys oh b’ys, I’ll tell you — I’d rather gold than coal in my stocking. And rose gold it is, with the ghd platinum copper luxe premium gift set. Merry Christmas To Me, love ghd. At least, that’s what I envision them saying if they ever wrote me a note. Which they did because this is a pr sample if it wasn’t already obvious.

ghd-platinum-styler-flatI love Christmas time. It beats any other time of year, for me. I enjoy enhancing my friends and families lives with thoughtful gifts, and items or memorable adventures. For me, it’s not about receiving or opening gifts. I emit intense joy watching someone else open a gift, whether or not it’s from me. Admittedly, it pains me to see them unwrap the gift every-so-painfully slow just to get a rile out of me — because I rip’er all open like a kid on Christmas.


ghd platinum copper luxe A standout gift this year for any of your recipients is one of the sets that ghd has curated this season without you having to skip out on next months rent. ghd cares about hair quality, not about frying and heating up your iron to as hot as it can go. Here’s what ghd says:

Dispelling the heat myth: The hottest temperature is not the key to getting your hair just how you want it. The secret is maintaining the optimum styling temperature at all times. Intelligent tri-zone® technology maintains a safer-for-hair heat constantly and evenly from root to tip. One stroke styling to save both your hair and your time.

If you recall, Lauren and I went to GenBeauty SF and had our hair done at the ghd booth. One of the stylist educators used this flatiron on me to create effortless looking beach waves that I cannot seem to replicate for the life of me. The one that was used on me at the time was in white, and they come in a few colours too.


ghd-stylerWhether you want to add a little wave to create an effortless style, or straighten for a sleek look to tame the fly-aways, ghd products are a fail proof gift for any person in your life this Christmas. The set I have comes with two nails inc x ghd nail polishes, a heat-resistant pouch and a silicone cap for the styler if you want to stow it away after using.

ghd copper platinum

ghd platinum copper luxe

ghd-platinum-stylerPurchase at $249: ghd PLATINUM® COPPER LUXE PREMIUM GIFT SET or look at their special offers page for a diverse selection. And psst, you can get 10% off your first order (it’s a pop-up on the screen when you first visit the ghd site!).

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GenBeauty San Francisco

GenBeautyCocktailGeneration Beauty by Ipsy San Francisco has come and gone, and whoa what a whirlwind. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. All I knew was that people told me how busy and fun it would be.

OOTD-and-DJDays before the invite-only cocktail party for Ipsy (GenBeauty) Creators, I too received an invite and accepted immediately since (well, let’s be honest….) the swag bags would be incredible. This was the first Generation Beauty held in San Francisco, so I wasn’t sure how busy it would be. After all, the LA and NYC one’s have been known to be so jam-packed. The invite-only cocktail party was held at the Terra Gallery, a gorgeous spot!

When I got to the event via Uber after parking in a garage about a kilometre away), there was this massive line to get in. When I got to the front door of the Terra Gallery I had my invite on my phone, but my name wasn’t on the invite for some strange reason. I showed them my cell phone, gave them my full name with my married last name, they couldn’t find me. So I gave them my maiden name. Then I said okay search by Nancy, or Spiffykerms. Nada. I didn’t really panic because I mean… I knew I got the invite, so why wasn’t I on their list? Lol. Luckily no one panicked on their end either and simply told me to write my name down on their print-out sheet and that’ll be fine. And so it was.

Since I was there by myself I felt a little nervous, because walking up to strangers and striking up a conversation isn’t one of my strong points. But with everyone involved in the YouTube beauty community, it was easy to chat to anyone and everyone. Here’s a list of all the big names who attended the private party.

Michelle-Phan-GenBeautySFI spotted Michelle Phan walk in and I felt like no one batted an eye — I mean, She has 8 million YouTube subscribers. Generation Beauty was founded by Michelle Phan and her company Ipsy.

I wasn’t star-struck, but I thought it was so freaking cool she was there just walking around the event. After a while, some people started lining up (including me towards the end of the evening) to chat to her, and/or take photos with her. I was one of those people too — and after our selfie together I handed her one of my business card buttons and she was totally genuine about how much she thought that was a brilliant idea. She fist-bumped me telling me how cool it was, in her soft-spoken voice. So… that was neat.

But I felt strange walking up to some people being all “heyyyy I’m a subscriber. You don’t know who I am, but I like your videos ok bye!”. I mean, it’s all new to me meeting these YouTubers too. I don’t know if they’re weirded out by it!

Sam-SchuermanI also was excited to meet Sam Schuerman, I’ve been a long time subscriber and we always tweet back and forth to one another. So I finally met her! She was super down to earth, and very easy to chat to. I ended up sitting with her for a good half hour or more talking about everything (and not just beauty stuff, either). It was really nice to have a normal conversation with her.

James-Charles-CoverGirlI also met James Charles (on Instagram) who was recently announced as CoverGirl’s new CoverBoy, and an Instagram friend Erika from beauty and the vlog.

The next day Lauren and I went together to the GenBeauty convention at Pier 27 in San Francisco. A place to purchase discounted makeup, get samples of makeup, have YouTuber meetups and chat with the PRs from the brands. So many of the booths were insane! So well put-together. I mean, check out the NYX and Benefit one’s below! Because Lauren and I had Creator Badges for the event we were able to be a bit more flexible with the lineups and receive different items.




GHDhairWe both wanted to pop by the ghd booth because we both worked with the brand separately at different times within the last little while. We both were educated on how to do beachy waves in our hair.

Getting-hair-curledI’m gonna have a hard time replicating that when I try again soon.

GHD-hair-curledI clearly loved my hair. So much body, bounce and volume you guys.

Curled-hairAs vain as it sounds, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, hah!!! (Side note: All these photos were taken on my Google Pixel phone — the quality of the photo above is just so sharp… isn’t it?!)

I filmed a video from the event, so you can see how jam-packed it was! It’ll be live on my YouTube channel tomorrow (the video above is from the cocktail party). It was different at the actual convention on Saturday because when the famous YouTubers walked out, everyone was screaming, which I unfortunately didn’t catch on camera. It was definitely an interesting experience!

GenBeauty was definitely a fun spot to be, and we did as much walking around on the two-floors of beauty brands as much as possible. We stayed for a couple of hours — hopefully GenBeauty SF was successful enough to come back for a yearly event like they have in other major cities.

Also! Stay tuned for some giveaways coming up really soon. Many of the brands not only gifted me in general (and I have a lot of makeup and beauty supplies, I honestly don’t need it all). But one brand in particular gave me TONS of full-sized goodies specifically for a giveaway for you guys. I’m stoked.

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