Accessorizing your outfits

Having arm candy or necklaces can really spruce up an otherwise boring outfit. 

You can easily look put together wearing a great pair of fitted, dark wash jeans with a plain white v-neck top.You just have to accessorize those outfits of yours! It’s fun to get creative with it all.

While I do like the look of bracelets, bangles and jewelry on my wrists, I get annoyed with them banging around if they’re too big. As I pointed out previously, I have abnormally small wrists so a lot of bracelets are bulky on me and tend to not be secure and tight.

I’ve done my research and purchased customizable sized items so it doesn’t feel too big on my arm. For instance:

  1. Hello Berry bracelets (my HelloBerry review) are custom-made for your own arm. HelloBerry is sold on Etsy and they’re located not too far from me, in Toronto, Canada! When you’re purchasing which ever bracelets you wan, you just measure your wrist and tell them the size in the form. These bracelets do not have a clasp, they slide right over your hand and fit on that way. Sooo fun. I’m loving gold lately.
  2. Fossil Watches are another nice statement piece. You can create so many different looks by paring your watches up with bracelets and bangles. The watch I am wearing above, is a Fossil Stella watch in White Resin. I own the black version of it as well (see online here). Fossil’s watches are so great because they have some really nice classic pieces, as well as trendy colorful one’s as well, like rose gold or a nice teal blue. I’m thinking of getting a third watch from Fossil. I have one picked out already but I don’t want to show you unless I actually get it.
  3. Inexpensive elastic-like bracelets from Ardene.
  4. Cute statement or simple rings.

I also love incorporating scarves, cute handbags and shoes. I LOVE shoes, but I am so picky with them.

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