That caught me off guard

I don’t think my social calendar has been booked so tightly in my entire life. As you can imagine, The Guy and I are very busy with the upcoming move to California, so I’ve been trying to book up my days and weekends to visit family and friends one last time before I go.

My co-worker Julie wants me for next Tuesday and Saturday nights — so I wasn’t expecting a surprise party like I had last night when I got back to work. She did that because they knew I can piece together things, and put two and two together fairly well. They had to trick me!

Let me back up a moment here.

The Guy asked to use my car (his isn’t winterized) and I had to ask a co-worker who lives around the corner from me, if I could hitch a ride with her in the morning. I almost regretted it because she likes to arrive 1-2 hours BEFORE work even opens. But I didn’t want to take 2 busses and over 45 minutes of travel to get to work that day.

Considering how nosy I am when it comes to planning secret events or wondering what my co-workers are up to on a daily basis, they’ve definitely pulled the wool over MY eyes last night.

I had no clue about the whole thing and I loved that it was such a surprise. You know how some days it’s a fun day at work and you just chat a lot? Yesterday a few people had their office doors closed and I just thought they were in a bad mood so I didn’t bother them. Much to my dismay, of course: PLANNING A PARTY! Friggen right!

I’ve never had a surprise party before – and now I know what it feels like to be truly surprised.

My bosses daughter, a fav co-worker of mine, (Amy) booked me in to hang out with her after work. I thought she was being pretty smart booking me off a few weeks in advance due to the fact she knew I’d be busy with the move. Little did I know.

We headed to the mall at 4:30 and didn’t get any questions about me sneaking out early since I hitched a ride into work with L at EIGHT A.M! Because low and behold The Guy needed my car for this secret going away party! I was wondering if he was using my car for moving preparations and I mentioned to some co-workers “he better not be having fun with my car tomorrow” (he usually asks to use my car to go skiing/biking). Amy and I took my bosses car and had to be back to the office by 6pm. When we pulled into the parking lot, I parked quickly as I wanted to sneak in the back door to give my boss a good freight, so I literally ran up the hallway but also trying to be quiet.surprise

I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed the board room, and that’s when I saw 3 co-workers sitting across, smiling at me. My face probably dropped and that’s when the tears started flowing and I snuck away to cry for a moment. When I walked into the board room, I noticed the popcorn, the candy, pizza , popcorn and Fossil gifts. All of my favourite things. Jeeze the staff knows how to make someone feel special, and loved.

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