Favourite Canadian Bloggers

You can take me out of Canada, but you can’t take away my proper Canadian spelling, or the love of reading my favourite bloggers North of the boarder.

Today I’m bringing you a handful of my favourite reads. If you liked this blog post you may also want to check out my favourite Bay Area Blog Buddies.

Meg NancyMegan | MeganJoy: If you’ve been reading my blog since the Spring, you know darn well who Megan is. We’ve done YouTube makeup collaborations together and I mention her in just about every second blog post I put up here on spiffykerms. Megan & her hubby moved to San Francisco around the same time my husband and I did, but we didn’t realize either of us were Canadian, and only met up about a month or so before re-locating back to Canada (Toronto area specifically). If you like my blog, I feel like you’ll really enjoy Megan’s, too. She’s like the blonde version of me, who can also pull off a really wicked looking lavender hair colour. Luckily with today’s technology we can voice-chat for free on our cell phones and catch up with each other’s daily activities. If you are ever lucky enough to meet Megan in person, I know you will hit it off so easily with her. She’s just so friendly, chatty, funny and so easy to speak to. None of that “I’m too cool for you” vibe with Megan, and that’s why I heart her so much. :)

Teach Me StyleHolly | Teach Me Style: I found Holly on Instagram one day, browsing through the #JoeFresh hashtags, lusting after the Canadian inexpensive Canadian clothes, and her wearing them like designer and pulling it off magically. Her blog is new, and I say she’s one step ahead of the game being one of the only prairie bloggers out in Western Canada that I know of. She’s basically my fashion and style icon – can I be jealous of everything she pulls off so well? And those hair styles? Like, holy genes, man.

Brittany | My Daily Randomness: Design blog. Food blog. Fashion blog. It’s all awesome. All of the pretties with Brittnay’s blog. Her photography has blossomed and is basically something straight out of a magazine these days.

Amanda | A.Co est. 1984: I still cannot get over the fact that I haven’t met Amanda in person. Although she did live 6+ hours away from me when I was living in Ontario, Canada. Amanda also has a really awesome and addicting YouTube channel that I love. After showing a friend of mine Amanda’s website + YouTube channel, she mentioned that she was just like me. Maybe that’s why I like her.

Leanne | Lipsticks and Lattes: Leanne is also from Newfoundland, like me — but living away. She hasn’t blogged much this year, but I am constantly refreshing her blog on a weekly basis to see if she’s updated. Leanne is one of my favourite Canadian bloggers for many reasons, but if you’re looking for an old school lifestyle blog that isn’t all about sponsored posts, reviews and ad-worthy favourite products, you should check her out. Please update soon, Leanne!

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