Get Ready With Me

I’ve been on the down-low for the last week and a half. Not filming or photographing new things for the blog, or instagram… BECAUSE I am having a horrendous hive (I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life and I’m currently doing an elimination detox of everything I’m using on my skin or eating) breakout that is making me feel so gross and of course then makes all the feels be negative. Ya’know?  Also, yes, I’ve been to the Doctor.

So I filmed this a few weeks ago, a get ready with me video as I attended a beauty event at Santana Row. I will be back to regular blogging soon! I just don’t feel up to it quite yet :)

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There’s a Central Park in Santa Clara?!

Central-Park-SCI had all kinds of intentions of checking out Kelley Park somewhere in San Jose, until Alfie and I drove there and it took me to the entrance to the Zoo! Weird. Definitely not going in the zoo and/or paying for parking when I just want to jaunt around aimlessly in a pretty lookin’ park. So that was out of the question. I started driving around and spotted signs for Central Park.

Searching for parks in the San Jose area that are free to enter, and dog friendly is tough. But I found one! Who knew there was a Central Park in Santa Clara?!

 Like every time we go some place new, Alfie is a wild beast on the leash so to speak. He gets really nervous and as I’ve mentioned many a time, he gets nervous poops. I was readily prepared with about 5 (empty lol) bags before we ventured out on our afternoon walk yesterday.

A really pretty park, and quite large — and extremely dirty with bird poo around the pond where all the ducks and Canadian Geese are, so be mindful of that. None the less, it was a pretty park to explore for a little bit of the afternoon. Until the Canadian Geese looked like they were ready to attack Alfie and I. I took a picture in case I needed it for evidence ;)



CentralPark-San-JoseNot sure exactly what this was. Some sort of hang out pavilion. Many people were chawin’ on their lunch when I walked through here.




Canadian-GeeseHere’s where they wouldn’t let us cross. Hey I’m Canadian too don’t be hissin’ at me b’y. Make no wonder though, spot the babies in the back? So cute. But kinda terrifying. I made sure to pick Alfie up in my arms and walk around them up on the grass. I do not want to be attacked by one of those gigantors.




Central Park Santa Clara
969 Kiely Boulevard, Santa Clara CA

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Explore Carmel, California

My best friend is coming to visit! That means it’s going to be a fun girls trip all week long, I’m not sure I can hold in my excitement. Jenna and I have been BFF’s since we were 3 years old, and it’s been far too long since I have seen her. Three years!

Even though her flight isn’t for a few months, I still can’t help myself from creating an itinerary for her to see all the best things California has to offer. As soon as she said she booked her flight, I compiled a list of my favourite towns/cities, hiking spots, restaurants, wineries and of course shopping areas. I mean, hello outlet shopping, we are in the USA after all. The top of that must-see list? Carmel, California. She’s going to have a jam-packed week full of sightseeing, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to take her to Carmel, the same spot that I surprised my Husband for a weekend getaway.Trees-and-a-Carmel-Castle







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