So my MaeMovement bracelets came in! Remember when I blogged about them a few weeks ago? They actually arrived on my Birthday three days ago.

The bracelets are all so hugely unique and every single one is different. I ordered three bracelets from this selection:

Deep red, solid aqua, and fusia (I’m not sure why it’s not called Fuchsia).

These are the bracelets on my wrists. I won’t be pairing them together because they just don’t go well together, and of course I knew that and just had other plans for them. Like my little combo below!

I’ve paired pink (fusia) one on my wrist with this stack:

MaeMovement bracelets are sold by a Mother-Daughter duo located in the United States. They sell these fair trade bracelets made from fine glass beads which are made in Nepal. All beading is done in the comfort of their homes or on rooftop decks when they have nice weather.  A portion of MaeMovement proceeds will also help to sponsor local charities and causes through their commitment to fundraising and creating awareness.

These bracelets are made from the finest glass and sterling silver beads in the world, the bracelets are carefully hand crocheted bead by bead and reflect a cultural craft of beauty and quality. The bracelets will fit many wrist sizes as they roll onto your wrists. They come in over 900 colors and a variety of beads, from flat matte finishes to high gloss metallic’s and iridescence.

The MaeMovement business is founded on practices and principals which supports and pays fair trade wages to our artisans. This improves the quality of their lives and creates opportunities to break cycles of poverty, neglect and abuse.

If you are interested in purchasing bracelets or would like information on retail, wholesale, home parties, fundraisers, custom and bulk orders, contact MaeMovement Mother Daughter duo: Haley or Dee via facebook at Mae-Movement. Or purchase directly from their site on

I purchased these bracelets myself, and just wanted to support the great cause.

Don’t forget about my HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME Giveaway. Tons of prizes to be won:

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I bought three of the most adorable bracelets from a jewelry maker last night when I first discovered their site. Talk about spur of the moment buys.

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys what the bracelets look like, online. I hope they fit my miniscule wrists when they arrive. Bracelets are usually 7.5″ long, for a regular sized wrist. Mine, was measured not too long ago when my nephew was 3. It was the same size as his.

So! Here they are. Beauties, right?These are the ones I purchased: Deep Red, Aqua, “Fusia” (Fuchsia?)

Buy them on

I’ll let you know what they look like in person, once they arrive.

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Inexpensive jewelry at Ardene

Remember the quick little post I did yesterday morning? I showed these bracelets in one of the pictures:Who knew the junky jewelry store of Ardene would have some stylish pieces?

I always forget to go into that store and resort to online shopping when looking for some fashionable inexpensive jewelry.

My co-workers and I went out to the mall during lunch last week and I picked up all of these bracelets: 3 for $10! I think the purple one on my wrist is my favorite. Cute for summer right? And if they break they were $3.33 each, so no biggie! The three shown in the middle with the silver beads were all in one package so it counted as one piece. Sa-weet.

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