Hello new bathroom

Master-Bathroom-revamp-headI gave you a tour of what our bathroom looked like in the past, when we get ready for our visitors, but I didn’t exactly show you what it looks like during the off-season when we don’t have guests. I love for the bedroom to be a complete sanctuary, and I would like the bathroom to somewhat replicate it, and look dreamy, and spa-like. Not too difficult to achieve, right? It’s hard to know what to do, when you don’t know where to shop. So today I’m showing you a few unique pieces I found for our bathroom recently.

Bathroom-tourConsidering we still rent, I don’t like to put too much on the walls (if any) so after a year our bathroom still has bare walls and I’m cool with that. I still think it pulls together fairly well, what do you think?


Bomb-shaped-tissue-holderAfter posting this picture on Instagram over the weekend, so many people were itching to know where the white dome-shaped tissue holder came from. It was a random eBay find for less than $7! You can buy it here. Please buy one for every family member. They come in a couple of different colours, and ugh — it’s kinda perfect. It arrived in 10 business days. I bought a few more things from eBay but you’ll have to wait until my next round of rated eBay purchases goes live.

Toothpaste-areaIf you’re wondering why there is only one toothbrush on the shelf, it’s because my husband and I are lucky enough to have two bathrooms! He uses the other one, and I get this one all to myself. The green thing to the right is a package of mints that I bought from REI of all places. Hello toothpaste is a new-to-me product that I’m currently trying out. I reached out to them and asked if I could try out their products and it arrived yesterday with 2 packages of toothpaste (one being peach mango mint, funny hey?), two breath sprays and a toothbrush. Then I have this white ceramic square tray I picked up from World Market for $1.99 and with a 20% discount too! I’m a bargain hunter at heart, I tell you. It was way cheaper than buying it for $13.99 at Muji, and I mean – it looked just like a plate to me. So I wasn’t about to pay that price (some of their stuff is over priced, but many of their products are reasonable).  Muji is a fantastic store by the way if you like organizing. It’s similar to ikea but nicer! Both the donut shaped item holding my clear toothbrush are from Muji, and finally a travel sized aesop hand cream that smells phenomenal.



Hello-Toothpaste-in-handAlright back to Hello products for a quick minute. I wanted to try them out since I knew they were naturally friendly and free of artificial colours. If I were to repurchase anything from this line, it would be the toothpaste.

Breath-spraySeriously, their packaging is adorable. This is the breath spray, and it’s just okay. You get the initial peppermint in the mouth, but if you’re looking for a strong zesty fresh feeling you’ll have to look elsewhere. I love SUPER minty but those can actually harm your teeth. These dental products are all natural and much safer for your oral hygiene.

Flowers-and-soapRanunculus flower, you are officially in my bad books. I loved the smell and look of these flowers at first, they looked like mini peonies. But these suckers wilted after three days and I had to trim them down to fit in this mini water glass because they were drooping over my vase. Sad times. On another note, does anyone keep their fancy looking hand soaps out and refill them with other cheaper soap? I bought this gardenia and white tea scented soap a while ago at TJ Maxx, but it’s been long gone, so I refill it with other liquid soap from the grocery store. Still looks fancy. Success.

Bathroom-tourWho knew a tissue holder could be so snazzy looking? So glad I found it. You can also use it for toilet paper too.



Bathroom-tour2Side note, it is so hard to photograph this bathroom without me being in it. This is one of the pictures I decided not to photoshop myself out of. :)

If you’re in San Francisco tomorrow, pop by Union Square from 11am — 4pm. Hello products will be there and you can have a chance to try their new products, peach mango mint, mojito mint, supermint and pink grapefruit mint. They’ll also be giving away friendly goodies and giving you a chance to win a $100 gift card to Target.

When is the last time you redecorated a room in your house?

Have you tried Hello products before?

What’s your favourite flower?

How often do you replace your toothbrush? 

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Disclaimer: I reached out to Hello products to test them out, and see if they’d like to be featured on my blog. Opinons are my own. 

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Oh, poop!

Push it.
Squeeze it.
Pinch. It. Out!
You’ll feel better
Without a doubt!

That “song” a few girls and I came up with, goes all the way back to 1996, when I was in a month long camp, in Algonquin Park, Ontario. A 10-day wilderness canoe trip will make you a little silly, and have anyone talking smack about bodily functions in no time.

If I didn’t lose you yet with my intro, stick around and put your feet up, but please not your butt up in the air. I ain’t going to be wiping none of your tooshes. We’re not that close, friends.

I’m talking about bum wad, t.p. or plain and simple: Cottonelle toilet paper and wipes today. #LetsTalkBums.Cottonelle-Fresh-Care

Chances are one of your first jobs either involved doing chores for cash, had a paper route, babysat for friends/family or begged for money with dirt rubbed over your face, with your brother pretending you were homeless and lived under a bridge (oh, only us? My bad).

As a teenager I made a mint on babysitting for my relatives. My whole lifestyle revolved around climbing at the local indoor climbing gym, and babysitting. Since I am the youngest of 21 first cousins by at least 13 years, they had kids way before I even wanted to think of having them myself and I was their go-to person.

It’s been over ten years since I’ve changed any nappies (stole that “cute” word from my Irish sister-in-law), but I’m sure it’s like riding a bike. Don’t think you ever forget how to clean a child’s butt, or put a diaper on properly.

My cousins were specific: clean the solids off and struggle to not make a disgusted face, follow with a wet wipe and reload the kid in a fresh new diaper.

Now fast forward to adulthood. Why did we all stop using wet wipes on our adult bums? It’s a legitimate question. We’ve used them on babies and after potty training the young hooligans we stopped. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’ve been told by my parents at a young age that they’re to be avoided. But that’s not the case.Cottonelle-flushable-wipes

The last 20-something years a wet wipe hasn’t touched my nether regions (can’t believe I’m discussing this with you all but hear me out) until I attended the BlissDom blogging conference a few weeks ago with this fancy Cottonelle mechanism, which was sitting ontop of the regular toilet paper. Hanging out. Waiting to be used. Not this exact one, mind you. Cottonelle sent me a brand new one.Cottonelle

Meet the newly redesigned dispenser of the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths featuring a special moisture-lock seal. Discrete enough to keep out in your bathroom at all times. Kinda like that it’s all white and doesn’t have any fancy designs on it.

It was safe to say I did the procedure incorrectly. It was uncomfortable to say the least. I saw the wet wipes in the bathrooms and I used one after making a tinkle. Just that. One wet wipe, flushed it down and stood around waiting for my ‘stuff’ to dry. I got impatient and pulled up my pants but it felt like I had peed in my pants. Oh we’re going there.Cottonelle-toilet-paper

I spotted the Cottonelle booth at BlissDom and told my story. They laughed. But apparently there is a certain process to this you know, if you don’t want to feel like you’ve peed yourself a little. WET THEN DRY. Duh, dry off!

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