San Francisco’s adventures

This weekend was so much FUN! It wasn’t until mid-January that I noticed on my Facebook wall that my summer co-op student from 2012 was in San Francisco for a four month work term. As soon as I saw his status update, I knew we had to meet up when The Guy and I moved down here to California. Saturday was the day and I made the trek by train to spend the full day with him, exploring and giggling, and full on catching up — because holy moly I didn’t realize. We haven’t seen each other since Christmas 2012! Way too long.

It was the easiest train ride ever since it didn’t take too much navigating and it was quite inexpensive compared to Canadian costs of commuting. I only paid $18 for a day pass, where as Canada, especially on the Greyhound bus it cost $30+. Caltrain-ride

Patrick is such an outgoing guy and has a fantastic personality. I’m already planning another trip to San Francisco to see him one more time before he departs back to Canada in April. Put two of us together and you’ve got some loud and hopefully not too obnoxious people having a blast. Patrick-and-Nancy

We walked around a little bit before we decided to grab brunch, being all touristy.Palm-treesSide note, palm trees are officially my favourite trees ever.

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