Parissa mini wax strips

It’s been quite a number of years since I tried waxing strips. I’m not sure why I stopped because I remember them working quite well.

In this case, I tried out Parissa’s mini wax strips which you can find literally anywhere. I’ve spotted them at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and even the grocery store. This particular box of brow shaper wax strips retails anywhere from $7-$9 Canadian.

Parissa Brow Shaper mini wax strips, straight out of the box.

I had to remember how to use these strips of wax, so the first strip was immediately garbage. It barely took off any hair. I simply pressed it onto my lower eyebrow and ripped it off too soon. Danget!

They come in perfect sizes for brows, and I even chopped mine into half again once I opened one strip to fit under certain parts of my brows. Four times the use in one of these little dudes!

There’s plenty to go around too. Don’t you love apartment living with retro counter tops? Lovely isn’t it.

On the instructions (which are so cute by the way) it says to never put the wax strip onto a freshly waxed area. I don’t know why, but I never listen to instructions (and lord knows I’ve learned my lesson — read instructions! Hey, I’m a taurus, we’re known to be stubborn). Plus my first sheet didn’t work out and obviously missed a lot of hair on my brows.

I got the hang of things on my second strip. Note to all users! Place the wax strip where needed, and press on the strip with your warm fingers which then heats the wax up. Leave your finger on there for 20 seconds or so, and then rip the bugger off as quickly as you can.

Be careful not to go too wax-happy otherwise you’re left with a thin penciled in look and that’s not pretty. Big eyebrows are in! Plus, eyebrow hairs take forever to grow back. Trust me on this one, I ended up taking the whole “tail end” of my brow when I first got into plucking them. No photos will be posted  on this blog, I don’t need anyone to blackmail me ;)

Obviously these wax strips aren’t going to be as accurate as hot wax on your brows. But it’s definitely a cheaper alternative, and who cares if you have to go in with your tweezers to get those stubborn hairs after wards? It’s more money in your pocket, or… less time spent in front of the mirror if you plucked them before.

I love the smoothness of freshly waxed skin. The blue azulene oil removed any excess wax that was left over on my skin.

Have you ever tried out at home wax kits? Whether it be mini wax strips like these Parissa ones, or hair removal cream (Omg remember my nair disaster?? SO painful!).

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