Antipodes Grace Cleanser

AntipodesI can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I talked to you guys about one of my favourite skincare brands to use, Antipodes! Remember back in August when I reached out to them, then did a mini review/haul? I’m still using their products and because I’m constantly reviewing new skincare items and makeup, sometimes I forget to mention the oldies but goodies.

Antipodes-Grace-CleanserAntipodes is unfortunately a bit difficult to get your hands on, seeing as they are New Zealand based. But that doesn’t mean you should shrug them aside and forget about them.

Grace Cleanser (4.23fl oz, $52.00) is the type of cleanser I usually gravitate towards, since it is fragrance-free, it doesn’t leave a film on the skin, and suited especially for those with sensitive, and irritated skin. As I mentioned many times, I’m careful with the products I use on my body and face after my 7 month long hive breakout situation. Side note: pretty sure those annoying hives were due to being subconsciously stressed. Knock-on-wood the hives only pop up once every few weeks.

Getting back to the topic, I wish it was easier to access for me, because I really love using it. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, but rather hydrated and soft.

You are to use the cleanser on a daily basis, and apply in circular motions to your face, neck and décolletage both morning and night. I gotta tell you, I break the rules and definitely do not use this day and night, nor on a daily basis, as I want it to last forever and ever — plus it’s kinda pricey! I think someone needs to import it to America, and sell it here. I’d buy it once in a while for a splurge on my skin, for sure.

Remember, a cleanser is not a makeup remover. Remove your makeup appropriately at first, then clean your skin with Antipodes Grace Cleanser.

Have you tried anything from Antipodes? 

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Have you heard of Antipodes?

Antipodes-Connect-W-NatureAntipodes is a brand I reached out to, because I was genuinely interested in trying out. They are a New Zealand based natural, certified organic skincare + makeup brand that definitely knows their stuff. As I get older, the more I want to simplify my makeup routine, and focus more on protecting the ageing of my skin (preferably slowing it down as much as possible), and keeping it plump, hydrated and as healthy as it can be. Although, it all comes down to the fact of what you put in your body, not just topically with lotions and potions. But I won’t ramble on about how one needs to maintain a healthy diet/workout regime.

It’s going to take me a while to try out these products one by one, and genuinely give my honest feedback, if you’ve been following me on twitter or instagram you know I’ve been having a daily hive breakout for over a month. I have a high standard when it comes to reviewing products, either I reach out to the brands I’d like to work with, or I say yes to the brands I already know and trust. Then again there’s the odd time where I try something new, because that’s always fun.

First up, the easiest product to talk about, a hand and body cream:

Antipodes-JubilationGood golly, I will probably be out of this cream in no time. It’s the Jubilation hand and body cream suited to most skin conditions, especially dry. Not to mention, hoooooboy their packaging — they got it all down pat, let me tell you that much. Kinda ritzy looking, right? I feel fancy yet a bit like a guinea pig trying all these goodies out, mainly due to the fact that I sometimes go ahead and apply products to one side of my face, or one leg and not the other, and so on. It’s what I did the first time using the Jubilation cream. It sunk into my skin quickly and I didn’t apply it to the other leg at all — checking the status of the moisturization, and it felt smooth the entire day. I swear it lasted 10+ hours, I was definitely feelin’ up the right leg of mine quite a bit.

The scent is something I have never smelled before in my entire life. It’s a combo of pure plant fragrance of fig, feijoa and wild blackcurrant. So smoosh that together in your brain and imagine the scent. Can ya do it? You guys might already know that I don’t like anything vanilla/too sweet, and more of a natural, fresh, or spa like scent to it. I feel like this hand and body cream is unisex as it has a bit of a musky undertone to it.

Here’s the kicker: it’s $45 USD. Ouch. However, a nice splurge for yourself once in a while, right? To be honest, I don’t know if I love the product to drop that much money on it, but it certainly is a nice treat. And that cream spillage in the picture? It was totally used up on my hands after I was done photographing it.

Not to worry about shipping from Antipodes New Zealand, because they have an online store for the USA shoppers.

More product reviews from Antipodes coming soon! Promise! Just give me a few weeks to try out the products in order to give you my best opinion on them all.

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