Recap of Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Challenge

I just got back from the mall. Two nights in a row after not going for months on end. Then again, last night’s excursion wasn’t for me. I dropped $200 at H&M, on 3 pairs of pants and 1 black velvet blazer. Everything looked great, and I couldn’t decide! I’m somewhat having buyers remorse. I’ll have to go through my closet to see if I really need the pants and blazer, and then go from there. Oops.

Today I uploaded the last image for the #24Days challenge with Annabelle Cosmetics. It was such a fun swatch fest for the past 3+ weeks. I tried lips shades I thought I’d never wear, hated the look of some until I put it on my lips and they became all-time favs. Kinda crazy that I’m really into the bright colours though! I thought I’d be more of neutral pink fan, turns out — not so much!

Here are all 24 colours swatched from October 1 — 24. Remember if you like these colours, you can win them here on my blog! The giveaway is open until October 29 and is eligible for people in the USA and Canada. Yay you!

Click to enlarge image: 24days-with-annabelle-final

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