OOTD: 20wks with a runaway toddler

Up and at’em at 6am this morning. I’ve been dyin’ to make another cherry cheesecake and in order to have it same day I need everything at room temp before starting it, cooking it in the oven, cooling it til room temp in the oven, then refrigerating it until it’s icy icy cold and yummy….so we’ll be having it after supper. 

Are you sick of the bump pics yet? This is probably my last pregnancy so I want to take as many photos as possible to remember it. I’d love more children but I don’t want to be a hundred and two when they graduate high school. So, there ya have it.

I got my husband to shoot these ones, swipe to see my face after I thought bebs was about to run away from us lol. IG vs. reality I spose.

There’s only a few short months of us together 1-on-1 time any time we want (until new baby gets here). That’s why we’re headed out so often each week to explore new locations, spend quality time with one another…and of course throw and catch his ball. He loves it, pure joy that kid. I can only imagine the change it’s going to bring..wild. Two kids! I still can’t get over I’m a parent of even one! lol 


Last night it was actually chilly for once, and I wore this Pink Blush Maternity “sweater” again on our late night walk before we put bebs down to bed. It’s not at all thick, and perfect for a California evening.

We go on walks constantly, and of course explore in the forest with my little one…not much else to do these days really…is there. Going to Google some new spots for us to explore and visit this week.

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The most versatile gift for everyone on your list

I have two holiday gift guides coming up in the next week but I first wanted to start off by sharing this goodie with you.

Bluetooth trackers have been on the go for some time, but they often get skipped over or forgotten as gifts. Not this year! I’m here to remind you how awesome this gift is, and of course it’s useful for those around you who keep losing stuff (looking at my husband right now).

Bring one of these to a white elephant party, have as a stocking stuffer, or give as a Hanukkah or Christmas gift. It’s definitely one that would be put to use by many.

There’s actually multiple uses with the Tile, as it can be used for obviously tracking what you’ve attached it too, but use it in reverse and use the tile to find your phone!

No one wants the added stress of fumbling around the house trying to find that specific thing that always goes missing. Especially when you’re trying to make that holiday party in time! Reduce your stress and start attaching a tile to your items.

Not sure what you’d use it for? Here’s some ideas of what you can track:

  • Tablet/iPad
  • TV remote
  • Gym bag
  • Your bike (stick it underneath the seat)
  • Suitcase
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Kiddos favorite toy
  • Drone (for instance when those mini drones without GPS unfortunately crashes!)

Believe it or not, I’m not that tech savvy (lol honestly). But the Tile App is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Download the Tile App, and it’ll walk you through the steps to activate your Tile. From there you can easily keep track of your items that you’ve attached that lil’ Tile to. Lost your item already? Not to sorry, press “Find” and your Tile will beep, alerting you of where that long-lost-item went.

Think that the Tile would be something you’d be in the market for? It’s a great little tech gift to give. Nobody likes losing stuff. This season, give the gift of finding with Tile.

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Getting my afternoon boost

Living in two homes for around a month has its challenges. For one, we didn’t have a fridge at the new place until recently; which meant any time that I went over to unpack during the day while Mister was at work, I “had” to pack snacks — these snacks.

Lucky for me I’m pretty organized especially when it comes to feeding the family members so we can all get on with whatever workload we set for ourselves for the day. For me, it means packing a significant amount of diverse snacks to keep everyone happy and content. It’s usually a piece of fruit, a pre-portioned bag of raw nuts, and a Shine Organics snack pouch (psst, that link is for a $1 off a 4 pack!).

When Mister can come to the new house, he’s bringing in heavy boxes while I’m sorting through the kitchen cabinets, deciding what goes where, etc. The master bathroom is the other priority, and I wish it wasn’t. It’s just the fact I have too many press samples and I cannot wait to offload them to whoever wants, and I’ve said that before in a previous blog post, I mean it! There’s no need for filling up all the drawers in the bathroom simply because I can.

Who’s sick of me talkin’ about this whole move yet?

See that smirk? It’s there for a reason, ’cause although we aren’t 100% moved over to the new house (re: food) I got a snack, and I’m not gonna get hangry. LOL.

I only recently discovered the Shine Organics, probably because I’m going through the aisles in Target that were forever skipped prior to me getting preggo. I found Shine Organics snack pouches there and used a $1 coupon, ’cause I like saving my dollars.

I know some people use these pouches for their kiddo’s but these are for adults too! I mean, I bought ’em for myself obviously — whatever works to get those superfoods in-ta-ya! Comes in a convenient lil’ pouch that you can chuck in your purse and be on with your day. When you need an afternoon boost, grab your Shine Organics pouch, drink up, and go on your merry way.

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