3rd pregnancy and entering my 3rd trimester

3rd pregnancy and entering my 3rd trimester, here are some thoughts.

I started having acid reflux in my 20-somethingth weeks of pregnancy this time. It came on a lot quicker than my other two pregnancies, and even hit me throughout the day instead of just at night. Oof. So I’ve been sleeping with my head propped up with my back almost upright for nearly two weeks since it’s gotten worse. At least this is temporary.

I finally met my new Obgyn.

Backstory: I switched to a new Obgyn because my other one… to put it plainly, I felt like I was a total bother to her. A little drama on that end. At the time my car was out of commission so I could only visit the clinic when Scott was working from home two specific days a week. One half of those two days per week I work at my son’s school. So I’m working on only a day and a half per week being able to see that doc. Coinsidently is she doesn’t work on one of the two days I was free. Good grief.

I subtilty asked to switch providers. Provider was booked up with patients. Next appt I go to with the OBGyn she brings up the fact she saw I wanted to switch doctors. Awkward. I eventually said yes and she agreed with my scheduling. Good thing. Cause as soon as I met my new Obgyn last week, I felt immediately comfortable around her. Such better bedside manner, didn’t rush my appointment, and I felt as if she truly listened. I also asked if certain days I could bring my middle child in with me, if my appointment was scheduled for a day I couldn’t leave him with Scott. She was actually delighted at the thought to meet one of my kids. Whereas the other doctor basically told me she doesn’t usually allow it and she could make an exception if necessary. So basically no lol. Wtf. Fantastic mannerisms, I tell ya.

Anyway. Glad I switched cause if I irritated that doc just by my scheduling differences I definitely don’t want her in charge of bringing my new baby into this world. Jeewhiz!

So that’s the update for now. I feel like I need to stop eating suppers and just have more frequent meals earlier in the day because come supper time ….food isn’t appealing and I can already visualize the acid reflux in my throat. So nasty.

Sidenote, got a new bassinet in the mail over the weekend, and assembled it yesterday. Can’t wait to talk more about it in another post.

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How the 3rd pregnancy is going…

Well, third child ….hard to keep updates on this little beb.

So I’ve been meaning to write more blog posts but honestly at the end of the days I’m simply exhausted – at this point in my pregnancy especially. My little guy (I guess you can call him my middle child now) is a lot different to parent than my oldest, and requires absolute constant supervision or he’s literally into dangerous things regardless if you say stop it’s dangerous. He’ll do it over and over….and over. It’s tough because it’s easiest to parent outside of the house obviously – because nature, the outdoors, library storytimes all keep him occupied and happy and keep the house in order/less messy etc. But I can only get out of the house in the mornings these days since come the afternoon time, I am soooo tired. Oof!

Getting everyone onto a schedule has also taken a lot out of my boys and I since my eldest started kindergarten. Me getting up 3x to pee at night, my middle child being an early riser before my 6am alarm and my oldest staying in bed as long as he can….we’re all pretty tired come Thursday! It’s quite an adjustment for my kindergartener ’cause he loves to sleep, and not used to this school routine.

Since getting back from our Canada vacation back in July I said to myself I’ll start potty-training my middle fella, and stop giving him a pacifier. Well folks, we’re on day 4 of cold turkey of giving up his paci and the poor little boy is all out of sorts with zero naps and a complete personality change (joking. kinda) since he’s overtired he’s getting into kicking me, scratching me etc when he’s overtired, and it’s impossible to get him to relax enough for a nap. So that’s what’s going on.

As for the baby, well baby is giving me a run for my money and they’re not even born yet. I have had to head to the hospital twice last month, one for possible pre-term labour and the second time was for a low fetal heart rate which sounded super scary. I don’t want to get into details but honestly everything is totally fine so far, so that’s relieving.

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and at my latest growth scan baby is already measuring at 4lbs which means baby is greater than the 99th percentile for weight, and height. So, keeping on track with competing with the two older siblings who were both way over 10 pound babies at birth.

lol my mood about that….

This month, I switched OBGyns. Mainly because at the time my vehicle was out of commission for 5-6wks and I could only go to appointments when my husband was working from home two days a week. But that also meant I was working at my son’s school for half of one of those two days. Sooooo my schedule was tight and I could tell that my Obgyn staff was putting me in their bad books just due to that and was getting frustrated with me not being able to attend appointments on certain days.¬†And….I don’t want someone delivering my baby thinking I’m being an annoyance to them – right?

Clearly feeling a little overwhelmed lately, but I think I need to head to bed early tonight and get an extra long rest in.

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