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My computer was doing weird things last night and couldn’t get the outfits of the work week posted on the day I usually like to have them up. Blogger problems — big deal right? The thing being, is that I don’t have a windows machine anymore. The boyfriend installed linux on my computer half a year ago and I remote into my old computer (which is somehow installed in this new one). I really don’t get it. But I remote in, so I can access photoshop and all the fun programs I need. Long story short. Windows wasn’t working. Go figure. He fixed it. So now here’s my outfits ;) ootww

This week I have a lot of fun stuff going on with regards to the blog. See that red Holiday Gift Guide banner to your right? Click on that any time you come to my site, and some of the posts will gift ideas, reviews and a lot with giveaways!

Remember that you can still enter the collaborated giveaway Leanne & I are hosting, only for a few more days. 

NOV-1-giveawayOne winner takes all!

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OOTWW + a lot of Starbucks

Whewf. This week certainly flew by for me. How about yourselves?

Kind of glad it’s the weekend. It’s the busiest time of the year at work (from Sept-Nov usually) and not only that I need to catch up on my blog posting schedule! I feel like I’m a little behind at the moment. This week,  I had Starbucks four out of the five days. Whoa nelly.starbucks drink

That’s some massive sugar and caffeine intake. And a lot of money. I prefer not to add up the cost I spent on peppermint white mocha’s this week. Instead, let’s take a peek at what I’ve been wearing to work. Side note. Not sure how much longer I can handle taking photos outside in the mornings. I was freezing my buns off for these pics.ootww

What are your weekend plans?
Besides volunteering at the climbing gym, I am doing absolutely nothing. This is the first open weekend I’ve had since the end of September!

What do you usually order at Starbucks?
My orders are usually:

  • peppermint white mochas
  • passion tea lemonade half sweet raspberry
  • mocha frappuccino
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