I almost cried at the sight

It was one of my last days in Newfoundland and I had the opportunity to pick up the youngest one from school while the other kid (a year older) came with me — he was out of school that day.

The school bell rang at 2:45 and my little 5 year old nephew spotted me down the long hallway. After spending hours playing the evening before, and all the days prior he was genuinely thrilled to see me. The look on his face was so priceless that it truly brought tears to my eyes to see how excited he was to see his “Ancy Nancy” picking him up from school.

ruairi stepping on my bootGotta say the little buddy takes after me with his many facial expressions (as he steps on my boot purposely in the above pic lol). When he spotted me waiting in the lobby of the school, his face dropped into a shy but expressive jaw-dropping smile. It was adorable. Once he got close, he starting running to me. I bent down to my knees and gave him a warm bear hug. One of the best moments of my trip.

It’s so bitter sweet. I almost cried at the sight. I’m not a crier. I was ecstatic picking up my nephews from school, but sad in a way that I don’t get to do it more often.taking off ruairis cap

I have to say that is truly one of my favorite things about being home. The joy of picking up my nephews from a full day of school. A school that I went to Jr High (grades 5-8) in, now turned into an elementary school. The hallways back then seemed long, the classrooms seemed extraordinary large. Going back into that same building, with that same foul apple-smell in the hallways (why do all schools SMELL the same?) brought back so many memories of attending that school. Plus omg not to mention — the hallway is SO LITTLE. It’s funny how your perception changes as you grow.

It’s also a little disheartening cute how kids see adults as all the same age. I even went on a FIELD TRIP with my nephew’s 7 year old class. How crazy is that? His mother (my sister-in-law. Duh) attended as well. We the class learned about the weather and had some cool experiments that I gladly participated in. My nephew blurted out a question while we were on the adventure walk with the class “Who is older? YOU or my MOM?” Legitimate question, I understand your concerns kid. But omg there’s a freaking DECADE plus a few more years tacked on between our ages. I suppose he thinks me and my own mother are only 3 years in the difference too. Right?

Either way. Won’t be that log until I’m back again. 7 more weeks til I’m home for Christmas and get to see these sweet faces again.nephews and i smiling

Huge thanks to my Mom for taking all these fantastic candid shots of my nephews and I that day in Bowring Park, St. John’s.

Performing under pressure

I honestly think that I perform better when stressed. That is, in certain situations.

Shopping being one of my best under pressure assets. Go figure. However we have no regrets and that’s what I call a success.

The boyfriend had to update his wardrobe with some new professional looking pieces for a special occasion the very next morning. We had 1 hour before the mall closed. Tops. Just thinking of it all over again gives me a headache. Everything is always left until the last minute, but that’s besides the point — I’ve learned to live with how it is.

We literally ran into the mall the other evening, going to his favourite clothing store: Winners. We searched the racks for anything that would fit his European build. We thought it was a lost cause, and as we were walking out I spotted a small rack of clothes with some hidden gems.

I yanked the hangers off the racks as quickly as I could, making the grand total of six items to try on in the dressing room. Everything I picked out somehow looked incredible on him and I made him buy three of the six articles of clothing.

Not only that he needed a new belt to go with the brown pants, since he either wears black/charcoal pants or jeans with his black belt. Bonus? Winners had Perry Ellis REVERSIBLE belts for $17. What the what? Do they make these in women’s? Because holy hannah that is useful.

Here’s the shirt and pants combo that he wore. How do you like his brown suede shoes? I begged him to buy them when they were at Winners last year. This is the first time he’s ever worn them.scotts-selfie

I think I did pretty well, picking out his outfit. I asked him if I could put this photo of him up on the site, he agreed (as he likes to remain somewhat internet anonymous) but only if I didn’t include his handsome face :( lol. LAME. Gotta work with what you’ve got I suppose.

What does your significant other’s style look like?
The boyfriend is usually in athletic wear, or a tee and jeans. I love seeing him dressed up like this!

Highlights of Newfoundland

Photo post overload! I wanted to just invade your blog feed with TONS of fun photos of Newfoundland while I was there over Thanksgiving! Enjoy the post :)

Hanging out with Daddio.IMG-20131018-01657

Going for a cruise with my Dad, again!

My parents fireplace is amazing. IMG-20131019-01678

Trying on hats at Posie Row, downtown. Loved this one, didn’t buy it ($50!)IMG-20131019-01676

Next up, some candid shots that my Mom took of us three in the park. These are my fav!

Took my nephews winter hat off his head just to tease him. Love our expressions! I totally lived in my MPG hoody the entire time. It’s incredibly comfy and definitely durable.IMG_6309

Hanging out in one of the trees talking about poop most likely.IMG_6490

Guys, I used to live in trees in our backyard as a kid. I can’t believe how HARD it is to climb a tree now that I’m “old”! LOLIMG_6482

Having a chat with the little guy. I think this is when he was stuck and I was about to help him get down.IMG_6467

Piggy backs while running are fun for me. Scary for the nephew ;)IMG_6435

Don’t SIT on me, kid!IMG_6418

Pretending to shoot each other. Boys.IMG_6416

Playing tag. I TOTALLY nabbed him. Slow kid ;)IMG_6387

I laughed until I cried when I saw this picture. Here he is hanging on for dear life. IMG_6347

Cracking up at this photo. Caption: “Ancy Nancy I want a turn… is it my turn yet?” as I hog the swing and my nephew tries to catch me. Hah!!!Not yet kid!IMG_6322

I was told before the jump, we all had to hold hands and say “1-2-3 DONKEY KONG”. IMG_6316


My favorite shot of my entire trip. nephews and i smiling

My nephew trying to bother me. Standing on my boots!!!ruairi stepping on my bootHeading back to the car all holding hands. How sweet!!!IMG_6514

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Do you have any nieces or nephews?

How far away do you live from your family?

7 Halloween makeup ideas

I said in yesterday’s post that I have no idea what I’m dressing up as, for Halloween. To be completely honest I’m not exactly feeling it this year. I’m ill prepared and don’t really know what simply kind of costume to put together.

If you’re at all talented, and want to try out some face makeup I have some for you today. MAKE UP FOR EVER has created some spooky, and amazing Halloween face charts that I’m sharing with you today. Have to say, I’m not even going to attempt on doing these on my face. I am not nearly talented enough to try this on myself. I’d look like a grade one just drew all over my face with grey marker or something, hah!

Happy almost Halloween!

Zombie Girl:

zombie-girl-makeup-lookWicked Witch: Continue reading