Indigena Skincare (Made in Newfoundland!)

Indigena NewfoundlandA few months ago, I was invited to check out Indigena, a local skincare provider made in Newfoundland!

I made the short drive down to the town of Torbay and I can only presume the owner gets her inspiration from the views outside her window. All you could see was ocean, it was incredible. I know that the owner hunts for her product right on the rocky beach sides, gathering supplies and then making her products straight from the source. You can read more about Indigena here.

My sister-in-law is right into skincare products the same as I am, so I brought her along with me.

map-and-scrubIf I had to take a wild guess, I would assume the yummy smelling Blueberry Bliss sugar scrub is their #1 seller. The aroma of fresh blueberries fills the room once you open up the top. It is however, a premium product and will cost you quite a penny for the full sized (shown in this post). The Bake Apple Bliss is even more pricey. Yikes! So use sparingly or use during a special occasion. Knowing that you’re using all natural and cruelty free products that we can all actually pronounce is a wonderful thing. The scrubs are abrasive, but they are gentle enough to use a few times per week.

HelperLike any scrub, you can use it on every inch of your body (scoop out a small bit using the sea shell provided, and scrub your lips with it!). I primarily use it for exfoliation when I want to prep my skin to do a self-tan routine.

I’m excited to scope out the other goodies Indigena has. I love lathering myself in body butters when I get out of the shower, since I’m forever prone to dry skin. I think it’d be a nice product to use, and why not support local when you can?

If you’re local to St. John’s, Newfoundland you can pick up Indigiena products at Lester’s Farm.

Indigena-body-scrubsDisclaimer: I was given complimentary Indigena products. However, I was not asked to write a review about the products, these are my honest opinions. 

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Elizabeth Arden | Flawless Future

Elizabeth-Arden-HeaderSerums are almost an essential to the beauty makeup bag. Given the fact that I’m in my 30’s now, I’ve decided to amp up my skincare routine a little more and try to remember to apply a serum, whether it be once (or preferably) twice a day. Considering I have dry and dehydrated skin, my face lacks quite a bit of moisture. I suppose it’s all the tea I’m drinking, sucking it all out of me.

Over Christmas break Elizabeth Arden e-mailed me, asking if I wanted to try out some goodies from their line. I ended up receiving two products to try out, one being the Flawless Future Caplet Serum. I want to moisturize, and plump up my skin as much as I can, because I want to stay as young looking as possible. I mean, I’m kinda doin’ it now, considering people often mistake me for being in my early 20’s. Hooray for good genes.


Elizabeth-Arden-FlawlessFutThe packaging is certainly appealing, with the gold accents in clear bottle with caplets of serum (looking like a set of pearls) suspended in a clear fluid.

For the past number of years I have been vigilant about my skincare and moisturizing each and every morning. As mentioned above, I’m amping it up now and adding serums to lock in the moisture.

Considering I’ve only tried a couple of serums in the past, it’s hard to really compare it to anything else and review it for you. All I can tell you is that I apply the facial serum in the morning (patting it on gently) letting it sink in before I apply my face moisturizer. And we all know what face cream I use. No surprise: philosophy hope in a jar.

Eliz-ArdenSo far so good. It doesn’t interfere with my makeup application. I’ve tried some moisturizers before that completely melted off my self tanner! Yikes.

I’m not entirely sure I would repurchase it, because I want to test a couple of more serums out, before I decide on which one is right for me.

Have you switched up your skincare routine lately? What did you add/subtract to it?

Also, what sort of products do you use/recommend? 

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Fixed Coffee | St. John’s, Newfoundland

Fixed Coffee St. John's NewfoundlandIt’s a chilly (by California standards) 10°C degree morning here in NorCal, and I got a little feeling of Newfoundland with me. Grey skies, a little wind, and a little more rain.

I was flicking through the photos on my phone, from last month and spotted Fixed Coffee & Baking pictures, so I decided to edit them and post them today. You know, just in case you’re reading my site from home (totally likely), and looking for a spot to chill out for the afternoon, and warm up for a hot cuppa.

Located by the War Memorial, you have views of both water, and duckworth street when you sit at one of the windows. Fixed-Coffee-and-Baking

You can even have a seat with Jesus. Go’wan.seating-with-jesus

My sister-in-law and I both ordered lattes. Fixed-menu

I don’t remember if they do flavouring or not, and if they did I ordered it with vanilla.2-lattes

Most rad milk station, with one of those old school floor television sets. I had one of those! milk

Fixed Coffee & Baking actually have two locations in St. John’s, this one I’m showing which is on Duckworth Street, and the second is on Harvey Road. In fact, I spotted on Facebook they’re hiring a part-time baker, if anyone is interested.

I’m no Coffee connoisseur and I definitely don’t drink black coffee. But I do enjoy a lighter roast espresso (hot) drink whenever I go. But I can tell you that I enjoy the smooth lattes Fixed makes, and you know what? I can totally taste the difference in the beans, even though my cup is filled mostly with milk. Some of the places I’ve visited have a bitter, stronger taste.Fixed-Coffee

I’m happy to hear that lighter roast coffee and espressos are taking over.Fixed-Coffee-StJohns

latte-looking-outI think I’ve found my favourite place to come up with future blog posts. Coffee shops. Typical? Maybe. But definitely cozy and I love hopping around to all the different coffee shops wherever I roam.

Fixed Coffee & Baking
183 Duckworth St, St. John’s, NL A1C 1G3, Canada
Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

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