Bronzed To The Bone (The Healthy Way!)

Bronzed-to-BoneI can’t help but want to have a bit of a warm glow to my skin, nearly year round. I tend to self-tan pretty regularly come the warmer months, and on top of that I want my skin to look healthy and sun-kissed.

Although, drinking water and eating your veggies are a no brainer to healthy skin — I still wanted to show you a Bronzed To The Bone type of look with some new limited edition summer products recently launched by bareMinerals, called Lovescape. I’ve been playing around with and enjoying them for the past few weeks so I thought I’d share a favourite look I’ve been wearing.

Please let me know if you’d rather this type of post, or a more detailed style (like this one)! Just trying something new here on the ol’ blog :)BronzedToBone-side



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Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipsticks

Wild-WhippedBuxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipsticks launched in April and they are beautiful, easy and comfortable to wear soft matte liquid lipsticks. As the name suggests they feel so light and fluffy on the lips, providing a full coverage with just one swipe from the sponge tip applicator.

Buxom Wildly Whipped Liquid LipsticksI have 3 of the 12 shades available, and there’s even a fun shade available only to Sephora VIB cardholders (in the colour: Provocateur, a brick red). So you kinda get to be in the cool kids club with Buxom, so exclusive!

The shade selection I have to review is beautiful. Buxom always comes out with some fun shades.

See watches! 

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Outfits of the Week

It has been so long since I did a casual/informal outfits of the week blog post on here! I miss switching up my outfits and styling them differently each day, but when I’m at home most of the time, I often find myself reaching for the same pair of jeans (those comfy Zara ones!) and a plain tee. Boring ol’ OOTD’s day in and day out, but it works, and it’s easy.

I’ve switched things up a bit this week and decided to document a couple of days worth of outfits, especially since I am working with Tobi clothing, an online clothing store similar to Forever 21 or H&M quality. It was hard for me to pick out a few pieces to review because their collection of everything from NecklacesPencil Skirts, to High Low Dresses was absolutely huge. I decided to stick with my comfort zone and pick out some classic pieces that I’d wear more often.

Pink-Sweater-OOTDCalifornia Casual /// Warmer Than Life Sweater + Zara Jeans + Charlotte Russe flip flops
A perfectly oversized off the shoulder knitted sweater, flip flops ‘n’ jeans? Doesn’t get any easier than that for a California casual day. This has to be my favourite outfit from the entire week. The sweater fits perfectly and is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for sure. For reference, I got a medium in this sweater and I’m usually a small — but I think I made the right decision because it hits just below the hips and looks great off the shoulder.

OOTD-1Layering Made Easy /// Suzy Shier jacket + Old Navy light hoodie + Zara Jeans + American Eagle Belt + Target Sneakers + Banana Republic clutch
If you follow me on Instagram you probably got a sneak peek of what I wore when I went to the Bay Area blogging meetup at a coffee shop in downtown Los Altos. This is pretty much what I wear on an everyday basis — those jeans are my favourite with distress marks in the perfect spots. I now need Target to get back on the ball and bring back these slip on faux-Vans. They’re the best thing ever!

Pink-top-OOTDNot My Go-To Top /// My Go To Top + Lululemon tank + Forever 21 Jeans + Charlotte Russe flip flops
My least favourite outfit and I would not recommend buying it from Tobi unfortunately. As soon as I held this shirt up when I opened the parcel my eyes widened. It was shaped like a square. I tried it on immediately and my husband asked me if it was a flying-jump-suit. You know those dare devils that jump off cliffs and glide back down to the ground? It honestly looked like that. Now, this time I paired it with jeans, something more suitable. When I first tried it, I was wearing leggings – and the shirt was noticeably shorter in the back than in the front. I’m not a fan of it mainly due to the square shaped, and the short-body (although looking at this photo it doesn’t look as short as it does in person). It’s also pretty pricey at $46, so if you’re into this shirt then it’s right up your alley, but I think there are better options on Tobi’s website than this tee.

Black-OOTDCozy Every Day /// Stolen Nights Swing Tee + Target Pants + Target sneakers + eBay sunglasses
These swinging type of tops where it’s longer by the hips and shorter in the front/back are my favourite types of tee’s to wear. I already own a couple of them in grey and white that I purchased from Forever 21. I think it pairs fantastic with the olive coloured jeans I picked up a few months ago from Target. A cozy every day outfit.

Thanks for Tobi for sending along some great pieces to me for review. New customers get 50% off their first order, which is pretty sweet, so take advantage of that if you’re looking for new additions to your wardrobe. Shop Tobi for more outfit ideas: Coats Hoodies + One Piece Swimsuits.

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