Sneaking in

I wanted to pop in here because I don’t want to leave my site completely bare while we make this transition into living in the USA.

I finally have snuck a break in my jam packed evenings of packing boxes, purging old stuff, donating things that CAN be donated and saying goodbyes to friends. Taking a moment to blog before I get back at it. So. Many. Boxes.

Trying to be very optimistic about it all, and things are going pretty smoothly. However I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to hit a bump in the road. Hope we won’t.
That moving-talk may be a little boring to you. Let’s talk about something more visually interesting.

Tonight I got my hair done, a last routine checkup at the dentist and after that, we took Alfie to his yearly vet appointment and get appropriate papers for the boarder crossing.Alfie at the vet

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That caught me off guard

I don’t think my social calendar has been booked so tightly in my entire life. As you can imagine, The Guy and I are very busy with the upcoming move to California, so I’ve been trying to book up my days and weekends to visit family and friends one last time before I go.

My co-worker Julie wants me for next Tuesday and Saturday nights — so I wasn’t expecting a surprise party like I had last night when I got back to work. She did that because they knew I can piece together things, and put two and two together fairly well. They had to trick me!

Let me back up a moment here.

The Guy asked to use my car (his isn’t winterized) and I had to ask a co-worker who lives around the corner from me, if I could hitch a ride with her in the morning. I almost regretted it because she likes to arrive 1-2 hours BEFORE work even opens. But I didn’t want to take 2 busses and over 45 minutes of travel to get to work that day.

Considering how nosy I am when it comes to planning secret events or wondering what my co-workers are up to on a daily basis, they’ve definitely pulled the wool over MY eyes last night.

I had no clue about the whole thing and I loved that it was such a surprise. You know how some days it’s a fun day at work and you just chat a lot? Yesterday a few people had their office doors closed and I just thought they were in a bad mood so I didn’t bother them. Much to my dismay, of course: PLANNING A PARTY! Friggen right!

I’ve never had a surprise party before – and now I know what it feels like to be truly surprised.

My bosses daughter, a fav co-worker of mine, (Amy) booked me in to hang out with her after work. I thought she was being pretty smart booking me off a few weeks in advance due to the fact she knew I’d be busy with the move. Little did I know.

We headed to the mall at 4:30 and didn’t get any questions about me sneaking out early since I hitched a ride into work with L at EIGHT A.M! Because low and behold The Guy needed my car for this secret going away party! I was wondering if he was using my car for moving preparations and I mentioned to some co-workers “he better not be having fun with my car tomorrow” (he usually asks to use my car to go skiing/biking). Amy and I took my bosses car and had to be back to the office by 6pm. When we pulled into the parking lot, I parked quickly as I wanted to sneak in the back door to give my boss a good freight, so I literally ran up the hallway but also trying to be quiet.surprise

I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed the board room, and that’s when I saw 3 co-workers sitting across, smiling at me. My face probably dropped and that’s when the tears started flowing and I snuck away to cry for a moment. When I walked into the board room, I noticed the popcorn, the candy, pizza , popcorn and Fossil gifts. All of my favourite things. Jeeze the staff knows how to make someone feel special, and loved. Continue reading

Dior Spring 2014 collection

Dior’s Spring 2014 collection called Trianon, is absolutely stunning and so very well executed. The collection is inspired and stems from the gardens of Marie-Antoinette’s Petite Trianon.


Spring is known for subtle or pastel colours so I wasn’t too surprised when Dior sent me some goodies from that collection and it was filled up with soft colours. Oh the wonders of marketing, making us all long for spring time, just a few weeks into Winter.

This collection will be a fond place in my beauty collection. For one, I am a spring baby and always love soft colours to work with on my face, and nails. I’m not too interested in bold vibrant colours for the skin, I always resort to a sun kissed look with a bit of a glow and light muted colours on my eyes, if any. Not only that, the collection is just so very delicate looking with the bows embossed into the products.

The photographs below are just showing you what is new from Dior, I’ll be doing watches and full reviews at a later date. Lucky for you the Dior Spring 2014 collection is now available as of today! Which also happens to be my Father’s 80th birthday.

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My Wedding Day Makeup

The Guy and I both are originally from Newfoundland and we only moved to Ontario about 7 years ago. So it’s not too surprising or far fetched to pack up for California and leave this place since we don’t really have ties here. I’ll certainly miss my close work-friends but other than that it’s been a fairly easy decision to move.

You may say I’ll probably be milking the wedding posts for all its worth. It’s true. Mainly because I didn’t blog about an engagement, or shopping for dresses months in advance. Can’t blame me can you? I am so happy!

Again, I do not apologize one bit for blogging SO MUCH about our awesome wedding.sorry not sorry

Close ups are the worst, but I thought it was beneficial to this blog post since it’s primarily about makeup and what I wore on my wedding

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