Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

1. I want to get my hair done by Silvia at Bibbo Salon, in San Francisco. I first discovered her on YouTube, with her fantastic hair tips and tutorials. Maybe soon I’ll get the guts to drive there and get it done. I really dislike going to new-to-me stylists. I’m so afraid they’ll wreck my hair.

Balance Bar2. I’ve been eating Balance Bars as snacks lately. Recycling this picture from March because I don’t have any left. Ate them all! When we first moved to California, I was going through them like nobodies business. But I mean, that’s not healthy. Right? They’re onl $0.99 at the grocery store, couldn’t help myself. Now, it’s all in moderation (again). Sooo good. I only buy the S’mores flavour. These are close to impossible to find in Canada, so this was on my to-buy-list when we first moved here, ha!

3. Finally got my wedding rings back from being sized smaller yet again (they messed it up the first time), and for its 6 month inspection/and polishing etc. One of them is SO TIGHT that I may have a bruise on my knuckle from taking it off for swimming/climbing. I wasn’t seriously considering wearing my wedding bands, but I had thought of it. That was, until Ellen told me it would be a terrible idea, due to the fact that worst case scenario, you could de-glove your finger. Please do not google image that. It’s gory and may leave you light-headed.

4. La Belle Mixtape | Summer Memories | Henri Pfr: I’ve been listening to that YouTube video all week. Such good tunes now that it’s summer :)

Shauna Nancy5. My husband’s younger sister is here for a little while. She’s a speedy runner, so I’m going to ask her for some tips while she’s here. She ran a marathon in 3:20! She was also my husband’s “best man” at our wedding. The other sister will be getting here soon! I’m excited to spend some sister-in-law time with them both. I’ve been trying to take the younger one out to a few places, but I think we’ll have to do repeats because my favourite places, I want the older one to see too! Blogging will be sporadic until at least the first week of July. I don’t want to be on my computer too much while they’re here.

Boulder V4 green6. I finished the V4 green boulder problem on Tuesday! Some guy and I were working on it at the same time. I cheered for him as soon as he topped out, and then he told me to crush it, and was coaxing me along while I was on the wall. I ended up doing what he did, a butt-hook with my left butt cheek on the face, and then reaching over (feeling like you were almost laying down, that’s how laid back the route is!) and getting the top hold, manoeuvring your left foot where your butt was, and putting two feet on top of that hold, and going for the top. It was incredible! I was so happy. I think I shouted.

7. I walked into Athleta (kinda reminds me of Lululemon) the other day after climbing, and the girl who always helps me with the clothing was there again. She has a cool name, but I haven’t a clue how to spell it so I won’t butcher it. She saw me dressed in my black tank + black leggings with chalk all over it, and asked if I just got back from climbing! It was a mini-bonding experience, because she goes to another climbing gym in San Jose. Who knew there were SO FREAKING MANY!? I need to scope the one she was talking about, out.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Off I go :)

Tell me something random, I’ll read it before bed tonight. And don’t forget to enter the green tea matcha powder giveaway.

Fitness Recap: I swore during yoga class

Yeah, during Power Yoga last Thursday, with our intense Russian instructor, with an accent so thick she’s hard to understand. So I’m there looking around to see what everyone else is doing, then copy.

Does anyone else get their left and right’s mixed up during a yoga class? I really have to think about what I’m doing, to make sure I’m following along correctly.

At one point she had us doing handstands, which was fun for me, as I’m used to doing them (against a wall) at CrossFit. We did that for a bit, but then we switched for a forearm/headstand. It killed my brain, and felt like it was getting smooshed. I might have let out the f-word when I was falling down after a few attempts. I did manage to get up though, and was much more stable in that position, than the handstand. Score.

I feel like a lot of bloggers are getting into yoga lately. It’s a good thing! For any sport really. I remember thinking it was for hippies a few years ago, but man — I almost crave going.

I’ve only been doing yoga regularly since late May, and I’ve been noticing tremendous amount of change in my flexibility. I’m enjoying it! I usually go to a yoga class, and immediately follow through with an hour or so of bouldering. Which I feel makes me a stronger climber.

Boulder V4 greenSo much so, I’ve been working on this green V4 pinchy problem. Some of the holds suck, especially towards the bottom, but once you get to the top-ish, it’s okay. I cannot get the second last green hold. Your left foot is not stable at all on the under-hanging pinches. It’s awesome, and frustrating.

One more thing before I jump into the fitness recap. The Guy and I bought a family membership to a pool!

Let’s get to it:

Monday June 16: 90 minutes of bouldering, and 30 minute pool lane swim!

Tuesday June 17: 75 minutes of yin yoga, 90 minutes bouldering

Wednesday June 18: Off

Thursday June 19: 75 minutes of power yoga, 45 minutes bouldering, 35 minute lane swim

Friday June 20: 75 minutes of yin yoga, 3 hours of top rope climbing with Ellen

Saturday June 21: 3.6 mile run (outside) with The Guy

Sunday June 22: Off

swim selfieSwimming pool selfie. Had to. Like I said earlier, I hadn’t been lane swimming since I was a teenager, training to be a lifeguard – which I failed. I can finally swim one length (25m) of the pool without stopping. Now I have to work on the breathing.

climbing shoe selfieIt’s going to sound cheesy, but I love it when Ellen and I go climbing together. For the most part, I do yoga and bouldering on my own. But about once a week, we get together and climb for hours. Literally, we are there for 3+ hours together, and while most of it is climbing, sometimes we just sit down on the cushiony carpet and just chat about anything and everything. I had to take a climbing shoe selfie of our feet the last time we were climbing together. Ha.

Tone It Up Gym bagMy Tone It Up gym bag is $24 off if any of you were interested in purchasing it. Gah. It’s still expensive.

When is the last time you went swimming?

How many times a week do you normally work out?

Are you watching any of the World Cup soccer games?
I honestly think world cup soccer players fall down easily because they want to catch their effing breath! No I’m not even joking!

Matcha Green Tea Powder: Review

Matcha Green Tea PowderBack in May, Kiss Me Organics contacted me asking if I’d like to test out their matcha green tea. I’m a big orange pekoe tea drinker, and have been known to consume more than 1 cup a day. However, I’m not into the green tea as much. But their PR contact informed me that there’s much more things to do than just drink it. There’s a ton of baking, cooking and drinking recipes floating around where you can use powdered green tea — including MEAT. I know.

I rarely bake, and if I do it’s blueberry muffins. I stuck to a more simple task, putting it into our morning smoothies.

I sorta made the Berry Good Morning Smoothie from the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder’s PDF recipe book (page 19). But I implemented my own berries and fruit. Inside this bad boy for two:

matcha smoothie1 banana /// 6 strawberries  /// 1 peach  /// 2 heaping tablespoons of nonfat plain greek yogurt 
1 tsp matcha with 2 tsp of warm water (to mix the matcha)  /// ice cubes /// skim milk

When I’m not using any powders in our drinks, I usually opt for putting in a few dashes of cinnamon, a squirt of agave sweetener, a dash of vanilla extract and a tiny bit of unsweetened cocoa powder.

A lot of these products I’m reviewing are impractical for me to keep purchasing and using each day. It’s not something I’m willing to spend my money on at the moment. The matcha green tea retails for $30, and the skoop I reviewed the other week, was twice that amount. I’m not sure I’d be noticing a significant amount of change in energy, or feeling overall wellness. I think we’d skip out on this if we were to purchase it ourselves. But luckily, I’m here to try a few things out on my blog, and give my full honest review. I know tons of people who LOVE this stuff, and I’ve already gave my 2nd package of the Matcha Green Tea Powder I received, to my climbing buddy, Ellen.

I haven’t tried making green tea with it yet, because I can’t simply say no to a cuppa orange pekoe over the green tea (yet). But apparently Matcha Green Tea contains more than 137 times the antioxidants found in a cup of brewed tea. Huh!

I have a bag of Matcha Green Tea Powder to share with one of you guys. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below, telling me how you’d mix yours.

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