ipsy November 2013

I don’t know why I always seem to get the Ipsy monthly subscription bag weeks before anyone else. It generates out of San Fransisco California and I get it the very next day, where as other Canadians get it weeks after me. It doesn’t make sense, but I’ll take it!

I always like to wait until the end of the month to do a review of the products I revived in my monthly subscription, because I then have 3+ weeks to test it out and review it for you guys. So that’s what I’m doing here today.

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I just don’t get it

I don’t think there’s any beating around the bush. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, especially with me and hair styling my own hair. I just don’t get it, and I probably never will. My hands fumble, my hair gets burned and I start sweating. Not sure it’s worth it. How do these beauts get great curls like that? Seriously.


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I’ve been testing out the QT performance diamond ceramic flat iron that I received from Flat Iron Experts lately, trying to achieve any of these looks that I see on Tumblr but no dice friends.QT-hair-straightener

I won’t be making any tutorials on how to make curls with your flat iron, or how to get volume in your hair. I just don’t know how. QT-performance-hairstyling

I tried to recreate the look that I had done while at the BlissDom conference, one of the booths were doing hair and makeup on the women, and I got my hair curled. I loved it. I can do one side and it looks decent, then my left side looks silly. Maybe I can just rock the one-sided curly hair? I can start a new trend, can’t I? Will you follow me? Lol.

What I do know how to do, is make my hair go from this, to this:

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Are epilators worth the pain?


The real kicker. Are epilators worth the pain?

Before I get started, if you’re unaware of what an epilator is, it’s a device that has a rotating head on it which has a bunch of tweezers that pluck out your hairs, really fast. The perks of using this is you’re removing hair at the root just like waxing, so your hair doesn’t grow back as quickly. It even pulls out those stubborn thin and fine hairs, which is unbelievable since I always had to tweeze after waxing.

As you continue to use an epilator such as the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, those hairs get easier to pull out since they’re not thick and stubbly from being cut off with a razor.

First things first. I wanted to try an epilator for the longest time because I knew it would be a similar pain sensations as waxing. Except a slower process, since it’s not as quick as waxing. Just less mess!SatinPerfect-by-Philips

If you want to get an idea of pain, it’s going to feel the same as waxing. Except you’re going over the same spot a few times. So the pain is longer since you’re continually going over the spot. The reason I didn’t buy one for the longest time is the fear factor. I remember the first time I went to get my armpits waxed I was terrified. But as soon as the first strip ripped off, I was good. I knew what to expect. Eventually I bought my own waxing warmer, and while that was great, I ended up getting a little too experimental and causing some grief on myself. I’ll let your mind do the wandering on that one. No need to elaborate. Let’s all just nod in agreement.

Sure enough, a few months went by and I got lazy and started shaving with a razor. My skin can be sensitive, so shaving sometimes creates uncomfortable razor burn on my under arms.

Hence my review about the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator! As you can see it comes with a few added attachments.SatinPerfect-Epilator


  • Shaver
  • Massaging attachment
  • power cord to charge it (the product itself is wireless)
  • cleansing brush to clean off excess hairs

The reason I wanted to review (and received it from the Philips PR team) this is due to the fact that waxing got messy, and then I got lazy, waiting for the warmer to heat up the pot of wax. Not to mention the fact that I took off half my eyebrow doing it myself. That’s what happens when you get a little too comfortable with the product. You get cocky and try new things.

Using the epilator for the first time is like getting waxed for the first time. There was no negotiating myself to get ready to pull off a wax strip. Instead, there was this machine that could potentially eat my skin and rip all the hairs our while doing so. I mean, it sounds like a torture device when it’s turned on. I’m scaring you, aren’t I? Please keep reading, I promise it gets better.

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Philosophy Living Grace Set

Julie and I having swalliesI’m hooked. My co-workers are hooked. I’ve got them all into the Philosophy products. My co-worker Julie and I (ahem, shown above—keeping things real with a brewski in hand) are huge fans of the Philosophy Living Grace set.

If I didn’t love the scent so much, I totally would’ve given it to her. Box-of-Living-GraceBut I just simply can’t give it away. It’s my signature scent.

Living Grace was the very first perfume I’ve ever finished. In my entire life, people!Philosophy-Living-Grace

I enjoy the products so much that I keep it out on my clean desk to display all the time. Minus the perfume, that goes in the bathroom and I spray some on me whenever I see fit. Which can be upwards to a few times per day. Oops.Living-Grace-Philosophy

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