Lake Tahoe Weekend

I’ve had an annoying cough since the end of October. It settled down around Christmas and got better in January. Antibiotics or an inhaler wouldn’t work as it was just a viral infection, so like a regular common cough, thankfully without the sinus issues. However I caught the annoying cough again from my husband and I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately. So, okay so I don’t really have anything to add to the blog this morning, because our weekend was pretty ordinary and laid low for the most part.

Oh. Except for the fact that we went to Lake Tahoe yesterday. I know hey? Aren’t we done with snow for a while? I told The Guy I didn’t want to see snow until next year but he suggested we go because he wanted to cross-country ski one last time this year.

We had planned on leaving Saturday, even though Jessica warned us that the traffic would be heavy. But errands on Saturday took much longer than expected, and we didn’t want to leave after dark. So we left bright eyed and bushy tailed yesterday morning at the crack of dawn. A four hour drive no less. Hey, nothing compared to what we did during the Canada to California move.

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Capitola Beach

I have so much to talk about and tell you guys that I want to blog 7 days a week. I think that’s a little too much, so I’ll spread it all out, even if I’m a little behind.

Our friends from Guelph Ontario are here on vacation as they have family in San Jose. The Guy and I ate out at Chevy’s Mexican restaurant with them the other night, and on Wednesday I went with them and their two cute little girls to Capitola Beach.

Capitola palm trees on beach We arrived around 11am and the beach was completely empty, and gusts of wind chilled us a little.

Capitola Beach, California, Bay Area, NorCalKinda reminded me of Newfoundland… due to the wind. :)

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Bar Keepers Friend

As much as this is going to sound sponsored, it’s not. I’m very excited about this new-to-me cleaning product.

If I suggest one household product you get your hands on, it’s this container of Bar Keepers Friend. Bar Keepers Friend

I first heard about it through an old co-worker, in fact it was Julie’s Mom (Hi Barb!!!). I was over to their place for supper one night before we left for California and I noticed that all of her pots, pans, and sink looked immaculate and in mint condition as if she had just purchased everything new. I decided to wait to purchase the canister of miracle powder when I arrived and settled away in our new home in California, because who really wanted to pack one more thing in a box? Certainly not I.

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We were celebs for an evening

Continuing on the San Francisco adventures, Patrick and I walked through China town just browsing the streets and loved looking up at the beautiful lanterns. China-Town-San-FranciscoCan’t walk by a fancy McDonalds in San Francisco and not photograph it! We debating stopping in for an iced coffee but changed our minds due to the long line. I think it was a touristy area, that and considering the warm weather had people craving something cold to drink most likely.San-Francisco-McDonalds

Next time I pop into the city, I totally want to rent one of these Go Car’s. I’ve never seen such a thing like it. These guys were definitely tourists much like ourselves, and were having a hoot, honking and waving at people walking by. I yelled out to them and they waved. I didn’t catch them looking at me, as their light just turned green. But isn’t this hilarious? Look how tiny it is. It’s GPS guided, so if you haven’t a clue where you’re going – then it’s no problem!GPS-Go-Car

We weren’t too hungry come supper time, and Patrick asked me what I felt like doing. We finished walking through North Beach and my shoes were getting uncomfortable so I wanted to sit down and relax a little more since we walked around the bay area of the city all day long. It was still beautiful outside and we walked through Italy town looking for a patio or a place with tables outside where we could people watch and have some caffeine. We ended up at the Mona Lisa Ristorante.Mona-Lisa-Ristorante

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