Keep your skin happy

It’s crucial to keep your body hydrated whether you’re drinking water, or applying moisturizing creams on your skin to keep that hydration locked in.

Here are some steps I do to keep my skin happy on a regular basis.

Night-time-routine1. Moisturize twice a day with a day and a night cream. I use Philosophy Hope in a Jar for normal skin (it’s a whipped consistency. The dry skin formula was way too rich for me) for the day, and the same Philosophy Hope In a Jar night, right before bed.

philosophy-purity2. Purity by Philosophy is one of the only face washes that doesn’t strip my skin of moisturize nor does it feel tight or dry after I use it. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use on your eyes – it doesn’t sting!

3. Soft Soap Body Butter Coconut Scrub. I love this because it has exfoliating beads in it, so I’m sloshing off any dead skin cells plus it smells fantastic.

4. Purity by Philosophy makeup cleansing cloths for when you’re lazy. If you’re feeling too tired at night and don’t want to wash your make up face off before bed, keep a set of make up wipes on your bedside and use one or two wipes to remove any make up. It’s so refreshing too they feel cool on your face. You want to always remove your makeup, not only will it clog your pores but removing makeup allows your skin to breathe. I keep a set of Purity by Philosophy wipes by the bedside and I use them about once or twice a week. Sometimes I use them to remove the dust accumulated on my bedside table. Should I have admitted that?

The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory5. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body moisturizer. I don’t have a favorite moisturizer that I use on my body at the moment. But I’ve been using this one, and it smells so very strongly of sweet candies. It’s not a scent I want to have on my body the entire day so I usually try to apply this only during the night time after an evening shower which usually happens after I go to CrossFit. The reason I’m still using it, is that the consistency of it is so thick and really moisturizes my body.

Ah jeepers. With no intentions to do so I realized  lot of the stuff I’ve listed that keeps my skin happy is actually by Philosophy. I’m not sponsored or asked to review their products here, it’s just something that works well for my skin.

I want to elaborate a bit more on the Hope In a Jar Night by Philosophy. When I first received this in my goodie box from BlissDom, I was shocked when I opened it because I really didn’t know that Philosophy made a night cream. Shocker on my part since I’m a huge fan and know quite a bit about their products. Goes to show that even though they are my go-to skin care brand, I don’t know everything about them, nor do I claim to.

Without skipping a beat I’ve been applying this on a nightly basis since mid-October. Ok ok all lies. Sometimes I’m lazy and I only use the makeup wipes and hit the hay immediately. But for the most part this gets applied on a regular basis around 10:00pm ;)Hope-in-a-jar

I really dislike raving, hooting and hollering about a product being so amazing, because it can come off as too fake. But you have to realize that everyone’s skin acts differently with products. As much as this works on me, it may not work the same for you. Another BlissDom attendee tried this out and unfortunately it didn’t work with her skin and she had to stop using it. See what I mean? Philosophy-night-cream

I wake up with moisturized skin in the morning, it’s unreal what a difference a night cream will do to your skin… IN THE NIGHT. I used to only apply the day cream twice a day. I’m a convert now, guys.

Another thing I wanted to note. I was once told by a Sephora rep last year that, one should start applying cream to not only their faces but to their neck and collarbone area. I’d use that fancy french word that begins with a D, but I can’t even remember how to pronounce it let alone spell it out. So that’s what I’ve been doing with my day and night creams. Slathering it all over, letting it all soak in. You don’t want a nice flawless face and a wrinkly turky neck when you’re older. 

This buddy right here is definitely a repurchase for me. Hope-In-a-Jar-Night

Do you use a night cream?

How often do you moisturize?

BlackBerry z10, dog toots, and new blogs

For frig sake I am some sick of this cough. I still have a bit of it and this is going on day 9 or 10. I’ve lost count. I spent a ton of money on cough med’s that did nothing since it was a viral infection, and not bacterial. I thought it would soothe my cough in the night time at least, when it got the worst. No dice. $30+ gone in cold pills, day time cough syrup, and nyquil. Oh well, if The Guy catches it, maybe he can take some of the meds. Ha.

Since I haven’t worked out in a good week or more, I’ve been lounging around the apartment, putting on my PJs right after work and hanging out with my iPad or Nexus 7 for the night. Watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and surfing the internet, longing for some summer sun. California sounds great right now.

We went shopping on “Black Friday” in Canada at like 8 o’clock at night. My boyfriend is a bargain hunter and insisted we go to a few stores to scope out some deals. Of course there weren’t any. I could’ve told him that. But I did manage to get a Santa mug for my tea and hot chocolate’s. I’ll be bringing this mister mug to work with me. Santa mug

OMG exciting news. At work we are finally upgrading our BlackBerries. I don’t even know how old the blackberry I have is, but it’s old. Ancient even. You can see it in my What’s In My Purse post.

I went for the Z10, because hey change is good.

Even if my fingers want to hate typing on just a touch screen for the first few weeks. How about I don’t add anyone buy the Boyf to my BBM for the first few weeks? Then I won’t look like I’m drunk all the time.

blackberry elevatorSupport local!

I definitely will require a case for it. I drop my current blackberry about 4 times a day, and that’s under estimating. It’s probably more, but I don’t like to admit it. We’re totally upgrading at work all at once. Look at my new fancy monitor (and computer which you can’t see). We’ve also upgraded from Adobe CS4 to CC! Very exciting news for a Graphic Designer. It’s incredibly wide.wide screen monitor with adobe cc

Last night I swear we were being attacked by nuclear bombs going off. It sounded like gun shots outside. So like a smarty pants I ran outside in my PJs with Alfie in tow to see what the F was happening. It was a ton of fireworks put on by the city, just 500 feet from our balcony. It was incredible, so loud I couldn’t hear The Guy talk to me, and Alfie was frightened to death with his nails dug into my neck. It was so long, too. Like a 20 minute show. That’s never happened before, but I guess since it was the anniversary of the winter wonderland thing in the park, they decided to celebrate. Thanks for the notice. I’m glad I wasn’t one of the little old ladies in my building. Bet their hearts skipped a few beats hearing the first few fireworks going off.

I have officially exhausted the internets. I’m not officially done babying this cold I’m on the internet more often than not. I went on Twitter last night asking for some new blogs to read and a few people got back to me with some new sites to read. Love that! Thanks guys, you got some pretty nice sites on the go. I want to share them, in case my readers want to go take a peek at your blogs too!

It’s a Harleyyy Life is run by Danielle and her photos from Thanksgiving just kills me. I left a comment on her site saying I wish I had some American friends in Canada so I could celebrate Thanksgiving with them for a second time this year. Loves a bitta turkey and them fixin’s. Hoo wee. Actually, at work in December we’re getting a catered Turkey dinner lunch. My stomach is excited about that. Already noting to wear stretchy pants that day.

Run For It is written by Gene, and as you could probably take a wild guess from the blog name, it’s a running blog. Reading his site made me feel guilty for not getting out in my new Mizuno’s for the past week or so. I’ve been slacking. I should start a pact with myself. Or you guys. To make sure I get out for a run at least once a week, even if it’s only for 1-2 kilometres. Because let’s get real, the most I ever want (or will) do is 6kms lol.

Alfie on my lapWell I think it’s time to finish up this blog post. Alfie just tooted on my lap. One of those SBD (silent but deadly) farts. How does one small little 9 pounder make such a stench. Ugh. Even writing that sentence, breathing through my nose is just too much. Bye guys ;)

What were you up to this weekend?
Random note. I painted mynails with my first ever Zoya nail polish. It chipped a bunch of times within the first 24hours. I don’t know if it’s because I used my globby Seche Vite polish on top, or what. Also the polish was matte. What’s up with that? Are all Zoya’s matte? Lame.

What kind of cell phone do you have?

Who are your favourite bloggers? I’d love to read some, so leave some links down below!

Visa Black Card

How many Credit Cards do you have to your name? At one point I had a couple going at the same time, but I’ve resorted to just having a Master Card the past few years. Only due to the fact that there wasn’t an annual fee and I get free groceries when I spend my money. So that’s kinda awesome.

Visa has come out with a black card, made of stainless steel. Pretty innovative and it looks really sleek. There’s a 30 second commercial on YouTube about it. I’m not too sure what it all entails and if there’s a fee for having one. Or if it’s even available to anyone/everyone. I’d have to research that a bit more. However, from what the YouTube video says about it, you get some pretty special perks as a card holder like 24-Hour Concierge Serve, VIP Treatment at over 3,000 properties, Unlimited VIP Airport Lounge Visits. Nice. Anyway take a peek at the great commercial visa has done.

How many credit cards do you own?
I only have one right now.

Do you keep a balance on your credit card, or do you pay it off monthly?
I immediately pay off my purchases within days of making them. I hate having a balance, and never once was late for a payment. Therefore, I know I have a pretty spectacular credit score, haha. Patting myself on the back a little bit there ;)

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

ipsy November 2013

I don’t know why I always seem to get the Ipsy monthly subscription bag weeks before anyone else. It generates out of San Fransisco California and I get it the very next day, where as other Canadians get it weeks after me. It doesn’t make sense, but I’ll take it!

I always like to wait until the end of the month to do a review of the products I revived in my monthly subscription, because I then have 3+ weeks to test it out and review it for you guys. So that’s what I’m doing here today.

november-2013-ipsy Continue reading