Giveaway #2!

So my new blog buddy, from Toronto Melissa over here is giving away a pretty healthy prize pack for her readers! I’m trying to enter into her draw 2x so I have more chances to win hee hee. Go on over to her site and enter as well. The draw will take place on June 25, so not too much time! Go go go!


I’m totally allll about those pink la senza socks.

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Star struck

On Thursday my Boss and I headed to the mall to get some Easter pressies for her seventeen year old daughter. While we were walking around the mall, we spotted a few guys in grey jogging pant style track suits with Harlem Globetrotters on the front. There was only two of them, so I didn’t think it was that  big of a deal. But they must have been wasting time at the mall, because I spotted a few other guys there too!

I remember going to a Harlem Globetrotter’s show in the late 80’s with my Brother and had my photo taken with one of them. I actually tried to snap a few secretive photos of the newer guys, but one was blurry and the other one was just shot from the backside. Nothing exciting. I tried to look online too, to see if I recognized which one of the three I saw — I love their nick names: Special K, Moo Moo Evans, Slick Willie Shaw. Too bad I was too “shy” to ask them to pose with me for a picture. I was too giddy pointing and whispering.

After we went to the mall we headed over to the “fancy” (a huge one with a Beauty Boutique ‘room’) Shoppers Drug Mart and now they are selling designer brand makeup like Dior and stuff. I even noticed Benefit make-up (yay bronzer!) and Bare Minerals is soon coming — which means I don’t have to go to Sephora in Toronto to get my BM in Warmth any more! Whoopieee!

So exciting.

I haven’t really been in the mood for posting lately as it’s been so beautiful outside. Less time on the computer is always a good thing, right! I mean, it’s 1AM on a Friday night here. Today was such a relaxing day. I think we’re going to go test driving BMWs tomorrow afternoon :-O !!!

I almost forgot to mention that we won the championships in our Thursday Night League in soccer, as well. HOLY HANNAH! 2 championships, in 1 week. First time our team has gotten to the playoff’s or won anything in 11 years. Yowwzah!

I also have a freebie/sample for you guys:

WEEKEND EXCLUSIVE (Ends Sunday at Midnight)
*This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST Sunday April 12, 2009 on orders shipped to US and Canadian addresses only.
OFFERCODE:  3DAY (make sure ‘days’ is on caps lock otherwise it won’t accept the coupon code)

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Humpday Freebie Week!

It’s April Fool’s Day! Did anyone get pranked? Not I, this whole week has been freebies galore, for me! Monday, Tuesday, Today, and Tomorrow. What does Friday bring, I wonder?

freeeeMonday morning at around 11am I was doing some monotonous envelope stuffing, and needing a little something to perk me up. My co–worker who collects the mail from the  school board mail room came into my office and gave me a white and blue package I did indeed recognize. I received my P&G Brand Sampler (that I had posted about)! That same day, after work I headed to my boyfriends to make some supper, as I didn’t want it to go to waste sitting in the fridge all week. To my surprise, I received another sample box at  his place (I totally cheated the system and entered in three different addresses so I could receive more freebies: Boyfriends, My place, and Work. Oops!). Photo to the left for extra emphasis. I’m so excited! Razors, shampoo, dental floss, face moisturizer, coupons and teeth whitening strips! Oh boy! On Monday, I also e-mailed Colgate-Palmolive company from their website and complimented their 360 toothbrush that boyfriend introduced to me a year or so ago. A woman quickly e-mailed me back thanking me for the letter, kindly noting that they will be giving me coupons in the mail! Nice!

Tuesday I received a card in the mail from my Mom’s Aunt. It was a sweet Easter card with a generous cheque written all out to me! I’ll be paying off my VISA with that (I bought a couple of $19 sports bras at MEC this weekend). Speaking of credit cards — My boyfriend and I signed up for the PC Financial MasterCard card (just to earn points for free groceries!) and have been using it for about a month and a half. I’ve yet to receive my “$20 worth of free groceries coupon” in the mail — boyfriend received his in the mail on Tuesday. Mine should be not too far behind!

Then today, I received an Easter package from my parents in the mail. Hey now … nobody is ever too old for a little treat, every now and then from their parents! Actually, it’s the first care package I’ve had in about a year or more. I requested one from my Mom, because I haven’t gotten any snail mail (okay besides the Easter Card, but I requested a pkg from my Mom weeks ago) in a while and wanted something special from my Momma (hehe!). I’ll never grow up. She always buys the good stuff, you know? The things where I hate spending money on — like Neutrogena hand cream. It’s such amazing hand lotion, but it’s like $8 a bottle, and I’d just buy the dollar store kind that works like crap (or the free Aerie lotion I received just last month, ha!). Just to save the money for something else, like TROPICANA orange juice! Can’t skimp out on the good o.j.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to the mall to pick up my monthly freebie from Aerie. I can’t get over how great their marketing is, and how they’re promoting their new Aerie stores. On any given Thursday, they have a monthly freebie you can pick up. No purchase necessary, just walk in — present your Aerie card, they punch it and you walk out with your gift. March was a really ugly beach bag, and February was hand cream that I use at work (and smells just like the store does). They’ve been doing this for a good while now and you just need to have a stand alone Aerie store (not one that is inside an American Eagle store) and pick up a card. A few other freebies I received from Aerie are free undies (when they were actually out of the monthly giveaways – awesome!), candles, lip glosses, eye mask for sleeping and even a cute little blank note book.

So, I can’t leave all you guys empty handed by just telling you all about my freebies and goodies this week (Canadian only, unless otherwise noted). So I leave you with:

  • Free bottle of Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner!!! (A+ cleaner, in my books!)
  • Free samples and coupons when you sign up with Alberta Style Canada
  • Get ready & save the date. Brandsampler is giving away $90 worth of free coupons starting on Saturday, April 4th!
  • I’ve yet to order from this new website. But you can check it out for yourselves. This website allows you to select coupons and they ship them to you for free (CAN & USA)

I used a lot of parentheses in this entry today (love it).

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