An inexpensive trick to make your shoes look new again

It happened by chance a few years ago because I had drank a ton of lattes one day, pumped up on caffeine and tried cleaning every surface in sight. I made my shoes look new again, with a product that I can buy in bulk at Daiso (a Japanese dollar store) for under a few bucks.

Or, you can just pick up a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (too expensive for my liking lol), because it’s the exact same thing. A melamine sponge. Buy one, from wherever you can find it the cheapest.

A quick wipe or two across the white parts of the shoe/sole, and it’s spic’n span again and looks pretty much brand new. When I posted these hand-me-down sneakers that a friend gave me for our baby, I had two people ask me what products I used. Then I left a comment on Anna’s YouTube video about cleaning her vans sneakers. So, I thought that was sufficient enough for a blog post to share with the world lol.. so there ya have it. Go buy yourselves a melamine sponge. I found some here on Amazon (not an affiliate link, just an old school linkity link).

(poor quality, yes, because I screenshotted my IG story from last month. Oops).

Other uses: clean your walls, kitchen cabinets, light switches, desks, white leather chairs, computer cords. It gets rid of the fingerprint buildup dirt. It’s fantastic.

Do note that this probably should only be attempted on white soled shoes. Not your dark leather loafers/etc… I haven’t tried cleaning those with a melamine sponge, and I can only imagine it taking the entire finish off it or something. If you do try and it wasn’t an entire disaster, do let me know lol.

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7 months postpartum

I remember being 7 months pregnant and thinking “Huh, 7 months hey? That took a while”. I felt like meeting my baby in 2 LONG months was soooo far away. Well, now he IS 7 months old and I feel like he should be just 3 weeks old at this point. I say this in about him (and you’re probably sick of me repeating myself) but the days are not going by as slow as everyone said they would. time is a super fast airplane jet for me. Lol! Zoom!

Bebs is a tall (big?) boy. I know this because everyone keeps telling me this. For me, he’s still my sweet lil’ bubs, and I want to keep him little, for a little longer. I’ve almost gone through his entire wardrobe of clothing sizes because he’s outgrown them so quickly.

Every square inch of him owns me 💚. He’s everything dreams are made of and being his mama is theeee best feeling! My newest hobby: Finding outfits to match my baby. We were twinning (again) on our last day of Mama + Baby group (you self graduate when bebs is 6months+). We formed great friendships within these past few months with Mama’s who have babies the same age as @minikerms. Luckily we plan playdates all the time, so we’ll still continue to see everyone 🙌🏻.

This 6th month was a few more firsts! First set of teeth (lol), first high chair, first taste of puree foods (hasn’t met a food he hasn’t liked, yet!), first taste of peanut butter (well….peanuts mashed into a puree), and now he sits unassisted for a bit.

We ended up getting the Ikea highchair, picked up these Ikea bibs, and Ikea training cup (he doesn’t quite “get it” yet), and Ikea spoon set. Ikea, you sure are budget friendly!

Raffi has been on repeat the last few months here at home. Finally I decided to do a bit of Googlin’ and find other kid-friendly artists to listen to. Here are a few faves:

  • Raffi
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Laurie Berkner

He surprisingly took his 6month needles like a champ. Not even noticing the first of three go into his leg. And as soon as he started wailing after the final needle, I scooped him up quick, and gave him a cuddle and rock and he was settled down!

My fantastic friend Nicole keeps giving us hand-me-downs and I absolutely LOVE it. This month baby got a “command center” as we like to call it (lol), since he’s sort of on the move (scooting around for a toy when he wants), this keeps him contained and also happy since there’s toys attached to it.

And finally, we had a few fun excursions with a baby and mama “dance” (workout) class. It was tough. I naively thought it was going to be a sing-along lightly dancing class. But it was a legitimate workout baby wearing class. I was soaked by the end of it BECAUSE I WORE A LONG SLEEVED SHIRT. Y tho.

Also had a first experience at a music class at the library. It was pretty fun! Going to hopefully sign up bebs for a little mama and me music class some day soon. That’s all we got for now, folks!

Thanks for sticking around all these months/weeks without me blogging as often as I used to. I’ll get into the swing of things again one day.

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Canadian family visits!

I’m tellin’ ya, when I’m in the mood to write posts, I pump’em out. And when I’m not, I just leave this space pretty bare. I can’t be more consistent at this stage of where I am right now, because I’d much rather spend the time with my baby – who by the way will be 6 friggen months in a few short days. A post for that will be coming soon. Maybe on Monday or so.

But this is me, right now…writing down reminders to myself on what to do on a daily basis. Because if I don’t, things don’t get done. Like talking about my sister-in-law’s visit, nearly two months ago. I mean, I meant to tell you. I meant to document it all on here, on spiffykerms. And I suppose I sort of am now. Just… delayed. Ha. In this photo above is how I look today. Air-dryed hair, baby nappin’, literally writing down my to-do list for the week.

Alfie walkin’ around in the Genesis G90 like he owned the place. We had that car for the week while my SIL was here because our cars won’t fit 3 adults comfortably (with the car seat making the front passenger seat pushed far too forward), so I got this limo-like luxury vehicle to review for while she was visiting, and it was absolutely glorious.

Running photos of Alfie are my absolute favourite. Don’t you agree? He’s such a happy pup, and my goodness what a rough go of it he’s had, over the past few years (attacked by a pitbull in 2016, and then a cancer diagnosis in 2017). Ugh! Tough ol’ dog I’m tellin’ ya. Back to positive news. He’s in remission (month 2!!)

Where did we drive? Well, I sure do love me some slow coast California coastline so we almost always hit up Santa Cruz area to drive around.

This time we ended up to Half Moon Bay, where Husband went to fly his drone – he rarely gets the chance to fly the drone so he was pretty stoked on the adventure.

The California coastline has got to be one of my favourite places on earth. I love the cliffs, I love the sound of the ocean, it’s gorgeous to just go and watch the waves roll in and out.

Alfie’s serious face I’m pretty sure means – hurry up and take the dang photo so we can go on more adventures.

It’s a beauty inside. The backseats were pretty much fully-loaded too. It has its own air conditioning controls, and almost like sitting in the drivers seat captains chairs with all the buttons to adjust the back seat chairs to your liking. It was wild. 

Until next time buddy… and thanks to Genesis G90 for the vehicle that we had for the week. It was a blast and a half!


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