Getting Rid of Unwanted Medications with a Safe Medication Disposal Program at a Pharmacy near you

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Are you tired of holding onto old prescription medications, unsure of how to properly dispose of them? I will repeat myself time and time again. It is so crucial to keep medications away from your children. I have two completely different boys, one who will listen to a “no” once, and the other will test boundaries constantly and is *always* into everything that is not his. We have since tucked away our medicines and cleaning products into high cupboards out of reach. The unwanted stockpiling medications or unused/expired medications can be brought to a San Francisco medication take-back kiosk to be properly disposed of. Not only does this protect the environment, but it also helps prevent drug abuse and accidental poisoning.

By disposing of these drugs properly, we can help keep our families and communities safe.

I have talked about this on my blog before and I’m continuing to raise awareness of the San Francisco Safe Medication Disposal Program. The kiosk is incredibly easy to use and the program is absolutely free of charge, and there are many locations. Anyone who wants to dispose of their prescription and over-the-counter medications now has the ability to do so. ?

For instance, if your Doctor changed the dosage of one of your prescriptions, you may have some of the other drugs leftover and are unaware that there are kiosks where you can safely dispose of them.

The goal of National Drug Take back day – typically held in April and October of each year is to educate consumers about the dangers of not disposing of medicine properly.?

There are a few common mistakes people make when it comes to medication disposal. The first is throwing them in the trash. Medications should never be thrown in the trash because they can be found and taken by someone else or animals. They can also end up in the landfill where they can contaminate the environment and are so incredibly damaging to our water supply and planet, let alone it may get into the wrong hands which we certainly do not want.

The second mistake is flushing them down the toilet. This also poses a risk of contamination as medications can end up in the water supply.

The third mistake is keeping them around “just in case” you need them again. This puts you and your family at risk of accidental ingestion or theft. It’s important to get rid of unused or expired medications as soon as possible.

There are many benefits of the San Francisco Safe Medicine Disposal Program. One of the most important benefits is that it helps keep prescription drugs out of the hands of those who would misuse them. By disposing of your unwanted prescription drugs, you are making it less likely that they will end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, taking part in National Drug Take Back Day helps protect the environment by ensuring that unwanted drugs are not flushed down toilets or thrown away in the trash. However, you don’t have to wait until National Drug Take Back Day to participate,  the Safe Medication Disposal Program in San Francisco disposal kiosks are available year-round! ?

The Safe Medication Disposal Program in San Francisco has created this tool to help you safely dispose of unused or expired medications.

If you have any unwanted medication to dispose of please visit or call 1-844-633-7765 to request a free pre-addressed medication envelope.

Enter your zip code and they will provide a list of locations where you can participate in San Francisco’s Safe Medication Disposal Program in your area.

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My First Trip to the Oakland Zoo – An Unforgettable Giraffe Encounter!

Visiting any zoo at all has been on my bucket list for years, being from Newfoundland I never really got the chance to visit one. On Friday my family and I finally decided to make the trip to the Oakland Zoo.

One animal I had been eagerly waiting to see was the giraffe. Get this – I had scrolled past countless photos of giraffes on social media for years, because I wanted to experience their majestic height in person. As we approached the giraffe exhibit, I literally gasped and pointed to them and immediately demanded a photo with them hah.

They were even taller than I had imagined, and watching them gracefully move around was such a sight, whooowee. Reading to my boys each night have me naming off so many facts about animals I had never even heard of before, so I mean, I know a few things about giraffes (any so much more information than I truly care about to name off about dinosaurs). Just let me pat myself on the back there for a momento.

My youngest son kept cowering into the stroller saying he was a bit scared of some of the animals, which was understandable considering their size and wild nature. I mean, never know what you’re gonna get with my second boy since he’s not scared of launching off the couches or climbing up on unstable places to reach for things. But with gentle reassurance and explanations about their behavior, he soon became more comfortable and started enjoying the experience. He laughed at the baboons with me! He’s a character. We will get to the baboons in a sec…

One highlight of our trip was the gondola ride, which offered an excellent view of the zoo from above and a secondary area of the zoo itself, which included the grizzly (yikes), jaguar, condor, and some wolves. Oh and fun playground for kids too! We could see the sprawling landscape and a great view of San Francisco at a few different vantage points and the different animal habitats from a unique perspective. It was truly breathtaking.

I’d say the most thrilling moment for me was when we came face to face with a grizzly bear. We first saw it from a distance, but as we entered the glass viewing area, the bear walked down the makeshift river, and we could see its face jiggling and swaying as it walked across the water. It was both mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time!

We spent about 4-5 hours at the zoo, and the weather was quite hot (I think it was about 25*C or so). We found shade in a picnic area to enjoy our lunch and made sure to refill our water bottles frequently to stay hydrated.

One of the most entertaining exhibits was the baboons. Their playful antics and the vibrant red colour of their behinds made my oldest son and I laugh like immature kids.  It was a moment of pure joy watching them interact and play around.

Our trip to the Oakland Zoo was definitely a great experience. Seeing the giraffes in person, witnessing the grizzly bear up close, and enjoying the gondola ride were all highlights of the day. It was a perfect family outing, and I highly recommend visiting the zoo around this time of year to make the most of the pleasant weather before it gets too scorchin’.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance as they only allow a 30 minute window for entry. So time your visit accordingly or buy the tickets on your phone before you enter the parking lot. For reference, it cost our fam $100 for parking and four tickets. You can stay as long as you want, which is what we clearly did! We arrived at noon and stayed til closing.

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So long babyhood

Boy oh boy, juggling two boys as a SAHM and wanting to find the time to sit here and write up blog posts is ….somethin’ else. I truly don’t know who reads them anymore – I sometimes do. And I want to keep the ol’ blog going. So this is where I’ve been lately.

I’ve been so engulfed with my thoughts and spending time with my boys because guess what? I registered bebs for kindergarten (as most may know, he’s never been in preschool or TK, he’s been home with me for almost 5 years). Unreal.

There’s a lot going on in his brain lately. Such an intelligent inquisitive kid. Mostly questions about death, and I remember when I was his age I was terrified about war, or getting hurt, or my parents dying. Bebs is in the same boat and asking me very detail oriented questions about death.

He’s asking about my father how he died. Why couldn’t the doctor’s fix him. Did I watch him die. Can he feel anything now that he has died. Those kinda questions.

Boy, I wish my Dad was still alive to meet my kids.

Kids have some complex brains man. A lot of questions that are difficult for me to answer without whippin’ the ol’ Google out. Asking questions I’ve never even thought of honestly lol.

I’m trying to be as present as possible in my boys life (not that I wasn’t already) but it’s hitting me that my older one is going to kindergarten in the fall.

It’s crazy how fast life passes by when you have children.

The questions I always have before they go to school and become naturally influenced by others:

Did I do enough?

Will he be okay?

But before you know it, the years have passed. He’s growing up fast and it truly is bittersweet. I really do mourn the toddler years already since we had so much freedom together. Me being a SAHM and him being able to galavant out to the forested adventures anytime any day.

Anyway obviously not against the kid getting an education ????. As I said, it’s a bittersweet period in our lives. For sure going to shed some tears getting him ready for kindergarten. Let’s hope he gets into the school that we really want him in! ????????

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