I gotta tell ya about this…

On a whim, I bought this. When beb’s goes to sleep, I watch YouTube on occasion. Those occasions turn into late night amazon shopping excursions and adding stuff to my cart, never buying, always adding. This time I went onto a new-to-me website (I think the name of it was Bath & Unwind, or vice versa. It was UK based, but they had a US website. Score.). Whatever.

Allanna from YT (another Canadian, if you don’t already know her. I’m sure many do), was talking about a new foundation (which I bought). I’ve been using it every day that I’ve been wearing foundation – a few times a week, if that. I love it by the way. But I also went down the rabbit hole of shopping because I noticed a few more (again, new-to-me) brands I’ve never tried.

This brand being Evolve Organic.

I bought a 1oz jar of moisturizer, because guys…  I’m in my late thirties. I had a baby 13 months ago, which also significantly changed, well, everything. Something in my skincare routine needed to change, which I noticed a few months ago. I wasn’t sure what.. but my skin was looking dull, and not because it’s been winter. My poor ol’ Philosophy Hope In a Jar that I’ve been using for 6+ years wasn’t cutting it anymore. I didn’t know what to reach for. I tried using my Saturday Skin moisturizer that I got as a PR sample late summer. It wasn’t doing anything for my skin either. Makeup wasn’t looking good, nothing felt good on my face.

Hence, me trying out a new brand. ‘Cause why the heck not.

Meet, the Evolve Daily Renew Facial Cream. (Purchased myself, thank you very much).

What sold me on it? Okay, first of all, yes I admit…the packaging drew me in. Then, the look of the moisturizer. It looked thick. We’re now over a month in using it. We, meaning me. I’m not sharin’ this goodie ;)!

See? Doesn’t that look amazing? (Also, I can always rely on Trader Joe’s to have lovely flowers for my beauty product flatlays, ha!). I love a thick moisturizer. I need something that’ll soak up this dryness goin’ on post-partum. I need heavy duty, and something that will make me look dewy for more than 3 minutes.

This is it guys. THIS. is it. Let me explain. You know how you find a good hand cream (okay a little off topic but follow me here), you wash your hands and the hand cream still feels like it’s there? For a while? That’s how my FACE feels…ALL day long. It’s soft, all day. Why? I don’t understand it, but I love it.

Now, unfortunately it’s only available in the UK (okay, unless I shop on that US website again). I need to scope out where to buy it in person, if possible. Because if I’m in love with it in a few months, as much as I am now, I’m well, not screwed since I can buy it online. But guys – you get my drift, right? I just need it closer. And not across the Atlantic Ocean and waiting for it in the mail and opening the door for the DHL guy in my bathrobe at 8p at night. Scary, but exciting since I knew it was the PR parcel that came from Evolve. Nice.

All this to say, I love the moisturizer. I bought the one ounce jar myself. Started stalking (following them on Instagram) online, then noticed they had a blogger enquiry section which I reached out for, literally expecting no response back because I haven’t been really regularly blogging for a while. But DUDE… they got back to me, and in a swift fashion. They mailed over a parcel to me to help this ol’ thirty-something-something year old skin. Fantastic. Thanks guys. They sent a 2oz jar of the moisturizer, and some hyaluronic serum.

For years I knew hyaluronic was great for the skin. Never once have I used it though until this parcel came. It feels heavenly. Truth be told, I’ve always been minimal with my skincare and makeup steps. Only time will tell if I continue adding a serum before moisturizer, into my routine. We’ll see. I love it, yes, but will I remember to do it always? Who knows.

Hyaluronic serum 200 is 99% natural, vegan, cruelty free, and safe to use when nursing bebs. Very important.

Man. I’m stoked for it.

I hope my skin continues to love it. Will keep you posted. Love their packaging, too. Easy to photograph – ha.

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Toddler clothes I’d buy my son if I was made of money (lol)

Baby clothes, toddler clothes, kids clothing in general. It’s all so hard to resist. 95% of beb’s clothing is hand-me-downs or were given to him as gifts from family/friends when we were in Newfoundland over Christmas. Occasionally I’ll buy him a few pieces from H&M, or Zara. It’s easy to style kids clothing, because you can have SO much fun with it, and if you love it enough, buy it in a bigger size to fit him/her in the future. I’ve done that with a pair of striped leggings that I recently bought him – now he’s got another pair in size 2/3 for next year/fall.

H&M and Zara are the primary two places I buy his clothes from (if/when I do). If I was home in Canada, it’d most definitely be Joe Fresh – they have adorable clothes for kids, too. One of his jackets is from Joe Fresh, his Nanny and Granddaddy gave it to him for Christmas and it’s perfect for California spring mornings when we head out with him in the stroller.

I got to thinking, maybe I should select some of my favourite pieces every now and again from these two stores? I’m not going to be buying any, since I’m not made of money, and he has a TON of clothes jam-packed into his dresser already. But, doesn’t hurt to look! Here are a few of my favourite pieces for toddlers this spring.

Not sponsored btw. Just sharing. Since I’m living in California, all the prices are in USD..

Two pack of leggings: $12.99| I love that these go all the way up to 3T-4T. My bebs is super tall for his age, but H&M always seems like such a large make (great for us) for kids clothing. I love the baby-ish zoo animals on this one, so sweet.

3-pack white cotton jumpsuits $18.99| I’d primarily use these for the summer nights as PJs for him. Too bad they’re pretty much all sold out. I wonder if they’ll restock? The buttons are a pain in the rear, as I prefer zippered PJs for him…but I still think they’re nice.

Graphic tee $3.99| Any tee under $4-$5 is a “deal” in my opinion. I love the little police + fire truck! Beep beep lol…

Ribbed knit cardi $24.99| Too expensive, and if I were to buy it, I’d wait for it to go on clearance. I love teracotta shades on bebs, it suits his hair/skintone. Not sure exactly how I’d style it on him, but I’d love to play around with it (if I got it for him). Layered somehow with jeans and a grey v-neck tee?

Striped Jumpsuit $19.99 | I LOVE jumpsuits on babies/toddlers. But I can almost never put bebs in one. They’re always so short in the legs. And if I size up, they’re huge around the body/waist for him. I love this striped one so much. Also, if it were to fit him I wouldn’t be able to put it on him unless I rip all the buttons off lol. He chews the buttons on his shirts all the time and I’ve stopped putting those tops on him since I”m afraid he’ll get them undone and swallow one! Ugh.

Cotton pants with suspenders $24.99 | Okay. This is something I may have to buy when it’s 50% off. HOW CUTE. I love suspenders on bebs. He’s worn suspenders a few times already and it’s amazing. Pair this with a grey or a white tee? Outfit made.

Cotton jacket $24.99 | H&M seems to recycle their clothing from year to year. I bought this exact jacket for bebs while I was pregnant! He’s been wearing it this entire winter. I love it on him.

Jacket with cars $19.99 | Speaking of jackets for him, he got this for his birthday last month. I sized up and bought it for him to fit in the fall.

Also. Always always wait for a sale at H&M before buying anything. They do 30-40% off sales what seems like every month. So add that stuff to your cart and be patient for a sale. And!! If you live near one of their stores, you can buy online and return in store for free (I’ve done it for the past 13 months).

Are you guys into these kinds of posts? I could also do another one that I’m eyeing up for Zara kids clothes. Thoughts?

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Minimal mood (+ favourites)

Minimal mood. I search constantly on IG, and all over the web for visually appealing images. I save them. I love looking at them. Hundreds of images (including some of my own) are saved on my phone to flick through for…I suppose, inspiration of sorts. I love simple looking flatlays, stationery posts, beauty products in unique packaging. I want to do more shots like that.

Below is a picture I shot when my sil was visiting us. Looks like we’re in a far away place…I love how it turned out. Are we in Mexico? No no.

It’s been pouring rain here in California what seems like daily since January pretty much. I’m dyin’ for a bit of California warmth to come by again. Believe it or not (and remember, it’s all relative, for my Canadian friends) it gets chilly here. The other morning there was water frozen on our street (lol). And, it does dip down below 4°C. Seeing as I don’t wear my super warm Canadian winter coat here, but rather a fall-like jacket, you do tend to get a bit of a chill some days.


Sweet mercy, this post is all over the place (just like the good ol’ blogging days haha), but I did want to talk about a few of my favourite things as of lately:

:: lofi chill beats on YT [a live stream]
:: white, black and grey in this top. It’s been pretty much my uniform the past 1½ yrs
// drink:: this new-to-me coffee shop [I want to do those explore coffee shop posts again]
// food:: TJs mushroom risotto [pure heaven. I serve it with baked salmon + roasted broccoli]

Have a great Wednesday!

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