Victoria Secret PINK giveaway!


What’s with all the giveaway’s? Another? Yes folks, another one — but this time Pamela is holding her own over on her website. She’s giving away a variety pack of five different colored tank tops from the VS Pink line! The giveaway/contest runs until January 15th, and its open to everyone! You have plenty of time to enter… so go ahead and try and win.

Good luck!

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Cover Your Hair

A new year, a new giveaway!

How many times in a week, do you wash your hair? I have to wash it every single day or I’ll look like a grease-head, doesn’t mean I do though. Weekends are the best. I wish I had thicker hair for that reason — not washing, styling and blow drying it every darn day.

Did you know that baby powder rubbed into your hair gets rid of the grease? I’ve tried it once but my hair is so thin, it lacked body regardless if I put product in it. So into the shower  it was, for me.

Getting to the main topic:  I was sent a product to review from Cover Your Hair’s website and personally, the purple beret that I received is so cute! I actually saw someone at Starbucks on the weekend wear the exact same one that I had. Unknowingly if it’s from cover your hair, or not. I kind of look like a little paper boy from the 30’s! Hee hee.  I know so many ladies who love this style hat, and I have great plans. Linda shipped it to me from New Jersey, and it arrived in just 8 days. It  came pretty fast seeing as I got it when the huge Christmas rush was on. Linda was really easy to work with too, and she was thrilled that I suggested I do a giveaway on my website promoting Cover Your Hair.

Yep. That’s right … a giveaway!

Cover Your Hair is letting me hold a contest here on my website and they will offer the winner a free $25 box of surprise hair accessories. How fun is that? I thought that was super nice of them, plus my international readers are eligible to win. Even if you don’t win, there are some neat finds on their website like the flower pony tail holder, or even feather clips to go in your hair — which would look awesome if you’re dressing up for Halloween (a wee bit late on that, but planning ahead never hurts.)  Okay, let’s get to it you guys!!

Simply visit and write in the comments which items you would love to have. Easy peasy right?

Remember, I must be able to contact you easily though, so please leave your e-mail address. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, another name will be chosen. You must enter by Tuesday January 12, 11:59PM EST. I will do the draw on either Wednesday, or Thursday. The winner will be selected through

If you want to enter multiple times (for twittering and such) each entry has to be on a separate comment. 1 comment = 1 entry, 4 comments = 4 entries.

  1. Join Cover your Hair’s Google Friend Connect
    Go to and click “Join this site”, in the Google Friend Connect box.
  2. Follow Cover Your Hair on networked blogs
    Go to and click “Follow this blog” on the Networked Blog box.
  3. Follow Cover Your Hair on twitter:
  4. Subscribe to Cover Your Hair’s blog feed
  5. Adding to your blog roll
  6. Tweeting “@spiffykerms is giving away $25 surprise pkg from @coveryourhair! Visit:

Good luck!

PS: You enter two more comments if you (for example) tweeted the contest, and followed the site. Go ahead and add another comment to this entry!

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Bebe Dulce winner

The winner of the Bebe Dulce baby blanket is…dun dun dunnnn…


Kate from Five Blondes!

Since Kate doesn’t know what she’s having (and is due in just a few short weeks), I’ll be giving her both the blue and pink baby blanket! Congratulations Kate – would you please e-mail me at spiffykerms at with your mailing address? It won’t get out to you in a few days, as I’m still in Newfoundland and the baby blankets are at my place in Ontario.

Yippee! Thanks to all the contest entries for a sucessful first giveaway. There’s plenty more to come, so keep checking back!

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