Well, I never thought I’d be on the Disney press-list, but here I am and I’m beyond stoked about it.

This blog post is not Moana related, but I thought I’d bring it up as I took my nephews to see it when I was home over Christmas — it’s a Disney Pixar movie about a strong-willed independent little girl who was chosen by the ocean. I’ll leave it at that, and for those who have seen it — who loved it?!

Back to where I wanted to take this post today, many people’s favourite Disney movie, Beauty and The Beast. Belle, one of Disney’s most beloved princesses is coming back, 25 years later. They are re-telling the story with a strong cast, and made it into a live action musical, staying true to its original music, and introducing several new songs. Can’t wait!

Beauty and The Beast opens in theatres everywhere on March 17, 2017. Very exciting! I won’t flood my blog with everything Disney, but I did want to push live some of what came my way — especially seeing how Beauty and The Beast comes out in a few short weeks.

Watch the trailer of Emma Watson playing Belle:

“Bringing Beauty To Life” Featurette:

Oh hey, can’t leave you empty handed though, right? Since colouring is all the rage lately with not just kids, but adults too (I have two of those adult colouring books), I have some printables for you/your kids. Basically your own (free) colouring book with ten pages of Beauty and The Beast characters. Download the PDF’s below:

  1. Belle and The Beast colouring sheet
  2. Belle colouring sheet
  3. TheBeast colouring sheet
  4. Gaston and LeFou
  5. Mrs. Potts and Chip
  6. Lumiere
  7. Cogsworth
  8. Plumette colouring sheet
  9. Garderobe colouring sheet
  10. Cadenza colouring sheet

Who is your favourite character from Beauty and The Beast?

Beauty and The Beast 2017
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