Funny moments in December

I need to start documenting the funny things that happen in my life more often. These two incidents happened a day apart from one another.

Three of us girls were walking through the building and there’s one spot in our office which is like a maze, and you can’t see/hear people coming around the corner. One of my co-workers was telling us she had the sorest toe. She said she took off her sock, saw it bleeding and then realized she hadn’t been to get a pedicure in a while. Because of this, her pinky toe nail was cutting into her other toe making it bleed. As soon as she finished those last words, we walked around the corner to find a middle-aged man with a smirk on his face as we passed by him in the hallway. As soon as we were in the clear, we all giggled uncontrollably. I don’t know if the man knew WHICH girl had the “nasty toe” but it was sooo funny seeing his face after he clearly heard the entire story.

Another co-worker mentioned her period gets heavy, especially in the night times. I piped up and told her I had a trick! One other girl said “Oh I know, you double up… right?” No! I said… even better! I put one on normally, and then I stick one on sideways behind me! I don’t think the girls literally fell to the floor laughing, as quickly as they did. Then the CEO came over, so I had to re-tell her the story… My eyes at this point were full of laughter tears and my face was tomato red from not breathing properly from laughing so much.Then? Oh then, my boss asked what was so funny. So through the giggles I managed to tell the story one more time, and just continue to laugh really really hard.

I swear if someone had one of those ESET Smart security from installed in our office, they’d have a ball laughing at all of our shenanigans.

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