Homesick for Ireland


Sigh. These photos are about 6mths old. My brother fails at keeping me in touch with my nephews lol. (Kelan on the left. Ruairi on the right & middle). <3

My brother didn’t make it out to the oil rigs in Newfoundland until yesterday afternoon. Boy they’ve got it good (they get fed like Kings on the rigs. I mean, they’ve got it bad too…I could never take a job on an oil rig). Someone didn’t end up booking him on the (18hr) boat, so he had to wait for an extra 3 days on dry land. Not bad in my books — they get paid while they stay at home waiting for a call! I’m sure his boys are missing him terribly. Three weeks seems like an eternity in child’s eyes, doesn’t it? Poor Kelan told his mother “You go collect my Daddy, right now!” I love the dialect of the little Irish guy. “Collect” my daddy.

So what’s the deal with the youngest boy? Ruairi turned one just a few days before Christmas, and he’s not walking yet. I think it’s because he just knows how good he’s got it. My brother told me that he can walk, he just chooses not to. Everything is brought to him by the other three brothers. Smart kid.

I sure do miss those kids, though!

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  1. My nephew didn’t walk until he was 15 months. He knew how to, he just really didn’t want to. Eventually he realized he could get places much more quickly by walking… or now the case is running.

  2. I should totally do a blog entry about this, because I get questions about if I’m Irish, or is my brother just married to the irish!

    Anyway, my brother moved over there a few years ago, met my SIL and fell in love.

    Longer story to come when I write one, hehe.

  3. So your brother, sister-in-law, and nephews live in Ireland? Is that right? Are ya’ll originally from there or did they move there? And how did that come about?

    (Sorry, I’m just fascinated with Ireland and love to her all about it. Feel free to publish Irish blogs anytime you want.)

    Those boys are adorable!

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