The Volvo kept me safe. Here’s why.

A few weeks ago I had a Volvo XC60 for the week, everything was smooth sailing up until the last full day.

This Volvo was a heaven sent angel for me — let me tell ya. If you guys followed along my IG and Snapchat stories, you would’ve seen my huge rant.

Driving on the busy freeway, I was in the left hand lane, keeping a safe distance like ya normally would on a highway, when I noticed the Range Rover vehicle ahead of me came to a complete halt. Literally suddenly slammed her brakes and stopped on the highway (who does that? lol). Obviously I had to react at lightening speed and I had to swerve hard into the left shoulder while trying to avoid hitting the concrete wall myself, and not drive straight into traffic on my right side.

A terrifying experience that shook me — and I know for certain my 10 year old car wouldn’t have that much control over the situation to move that smoothly and aggressively to avoid a collision. It was brutal you guys! One of the scariest things I’ve ever had happen to me. No damage was done to the vehicle at all, I just swerved and avoided a detrimental accident. What I could tell from driving away and looking in my rear-view mirror was that the woman driving the car that came to a halt in the middle of a highway (!!!) simply missed her exit off the highway (y tho? Just exit the next one, right?!)

Sure, it sounds like the perfect ad for Volvo, but man I was happy I was in it at the time and not my car as I knew mine wouldn’t be able to handle those movements. Sweet merciful Moses what a fright. (Alfie was not with me, this is just the sweetest photo of him I took on one of the first days I had the vehicle). I mean, that accident would’ve easily hurt many people. Even writing about it now makes me so angry and it was 2+ weeks ago, eek.

I’m totally fine now, but I do have to say once again I’m super happy I was driving that Volvo XC 60 that day. Now that the scary story is over, I’ll show you some fun photos of Alfie with the car, along with the interior. Can ya spot the BBC World Service radio playing? Haha… it’s informative! And plus since my husband has it playing a lot of the time on the radio here at home, I’ve gotten used to listening to it.

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