Fitness Recap: What I think of Yoga

I left you last week with my first fitness recap in … months. I’m here again to tell you what I did last week starting from Monday.

I forgot how much working out changes your mood. Not that I was ever in terrible moods, because how can you be in a bad mood in this beautiful California weather? But I feel more limber, healthier, and overall great when I get a workout in each day. I’m thinking of incorporating two workouts in a day, but not every day because I’m pretty sure it’d burn me out. I do yoga and bouldering in the same day, but I consider yoga to be more stretching of the muscles, and opening of the hips. Mind you, I did had a sweat-sesh at yoga on Saturday. It was nuts.

I work best in a scheduled and structured day, and I’m thinking of documenting my weekly eats into these fitness recaps too. Would you be interested in seeing? I think that will keep me from eating pizza, cokes, and candy, if I have to write it down, snap photos and upload it. What do you think? I did it while on the 30 day paleo challenge…

Each time I go to yoga, I finish the class all warmed up then jump on the bouldering wall, I felt so ready to conquer the boulder problems. Yoga definitely limbers the body up, and I felt as if I could climb for many more hours than I did. I had to leave because I was hungry. Selfies before driving off, as you do. I got caught taking this one and the dude smiled at me while I laughed at my embarrassment.

I have to say, the yoga class I did last Monday was a little weird. I was the 3rd person to enter the studio. What I failed to realize was that the other two ladies were also newbies. I asked one of them a question on what we needed and I got a snide remark about how she didn’t know. Am I being overly friendly? Am I being weird? Are you not used to strangers asking you a question? What? Why is it, that I get a few snide remarks from strangers on a weekly basis? I simply don’t understand, but I try to not let it phase me. Perhaps I’m being too Canadian-friendly. Let’s see if I smile at you again though! ;) Three people left the 60 minute yin yoga (Yin yoga really focuses on opening the hips and lower back) session while it was going on. I’m thinking it was either the loud breather, the really old guy in his nude spandex (which made him look naked), or the sub-in instructor. I’m not going to let that deter me from going again though, and I didn’t. I loved it because it was full of deep stretching.

Monday May 26: Off

Tuesday May 27: 1 hour yin yoga, 2 hours bouldering

Wednesday May 28: 2 mile run in 19:29

Thursday May 29: 1 hour power yoga, 1 hour bouldering. Then The Guy asked me to join him at the gym and I wasn’t feeling it, so I did 3% incline walk for 1 mile (15 minutes) ha!!

Friday May 30: Off

Saturday May 31: 90 minute(!!!) Vinyasa Flow yoga, followed by 1 hour bouldering

Sunday June 1: 3 mile run without stopping (finally!) at 5.9 pace on treadmill. Time: 30:23

I’ve declared this orange boulder problem rated at a V2, my project as of last Tuesday when I put in two hours at the gym. I can’t seem to get the second last hold. They’re all decent sized, but I feel like it requires more power and a dynamic movement which I’m not used to doing. Ellen told me, “You’re the most graceful climber I’ve seen. It’s like watching a ballet” a huge compliment as I try to make the most out of my movements and not waste energy and scramble or power myself up the wall. I’m more of a technical climber than a strong boulderer, so this V2 is hard!

I did manage to pull down a few V3’s on Saturday afternoon, after that long 90 minute session in yoga. These yoga classes are hilarious. There’s always something going on – this time a dude fell asleep during the savasana at the end.

Okay, let me know what you’ve accomplished this week, or what your goals are for the upcoming week.

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