Under Armour Gotta Have It Bra

Yep you got that right folks. I’m back with another sports bra review from Under Armour. This time I won’t be showing you all, not-so-revealing photos of myself sportin’ the sports bra.

Here she be, freshly washed.

Under Armour — Women’s Gotta Have It Sports Bra. ($29.99 CDN)

I didn’t take photos of it when it was brand new with the tags on it, because I completely forgot. They are long gone now, but if you want more information about it, it’s all available online.

Women’s Gotta Have It Sports Bra by Under Armour

This bra isn’t as high impact as some of the other bras that I currently own. But I knew that from the very beginning. As mentioned in my previous review, I wore this bra to CrossFit many times as well and get this — without a hitch! I’m loving this hot pink bra much more than other one I was sent from Under Armour.  I had issues with that one riding up on the base of my neck. Where as this one wasn’t as high cut. I gladly pointed out the flaws and issues I had with the other bra, even if the review wasn’t the most positive. I hope that I could help out in some way if they ever do a re-design of it. Right?

Anyway back to my lovely pink bra.It has the perfect height, to go along with the perfect colored bra.

Here is the inside of the bra. No extra padding and since I’m small chested I don’t need an extreme amount of support, so this type of sports bra works fine for me.

As for any color bleeding off of the super hot pink fabric itself? I don’t own any light colored tank tops with the exception of this Lululemon one, but didn’t notice any of the dye bleeding at all. Which of course, is great.

Have you tried anything from Under Armour before? What are your thoughts, if you have?

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