Sustainable loungewear for kids

Not shown: toddler cleaning up all his toys so the little guy can’t play with them 😭🤣….at least he’s not subtly pushing him off the ottoman 🤷‍♀️. Siblings man.

Goumi products are made of organic cotton/bamboo pieces. They’re committed to only producing products that are sustainable, functional, and beautiful…. especially for boys! I mean, I love some trucks and dinos on their stuff…but not on everything ya’kno?

They even have women’s wear. I have a super long cardigan from them, cozy to cuddle up in when it’s 9 degrees in the mornings. Brr!

Both boys wearing Goumi Kids loungewear/PJs in the colour sandstone. You can get a discount on their site using my code: NANCY. And if it’s your first purchase over $80 you can get $40 off using my link.

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OOTD from Tom Cridland’s sustainable clothing line

Tom Cridland is a singer songwriter, fashion designer, podcaster and entrepreneur and he recently launched the world’s first ever full collection of sustainable clothing that is backed with a 30 Year Guarantee. And I got to check out an item from the collection. 30 Year Hoodies, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and more are made out of 100% GOTs certified organic cotton, and built to last a lifetime. 

Despite the summer weather here in California, the mornings have always been on the cooler side. I love to cozy up in loungewear most of the time, especially with two small boys at home. I’ve been going on 5:30am walks with my littlest guy, and have been wearing this hoody when it’s crisp outside.

If you’re on the hunt for super soft and cozy basics that are long lasting check out Tom Cridland’s collection. Here, I’m wearing the sustainable hoodies, made out of organic cotton and recycled polyester. It comes in an incredible amount of colours from pull-over hoodies to zip ups. 

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