Sleek in Sudio

sudio wireless earphonesPicture this. Bundled up in your puffy Canadian winter coats, neck warming oversized scarfs and a knitted touque. You want to listen to some tunes while you’re crunching your way through the ice on a brisk morning. BUT! The earphones you have are a pain to deal with. The cord stuck close to your neck as you try and yank it up with a head-tilt… it ain’t happenin’. It’s stuck for good. For. Ever. lol.

Now, wouldn’t life be easier with wireless earphones? Yup. We’ve reached a paramount point with these earphones. I gotch’ur back pals. These bad boys are designer earphones from Sudio Sweden, and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. And best yet, no dealing with those annoying wires tucked in your puffy winter coat.

So get yourself (or a loved one) a sleek set of Sudio earphones for Christmas. Or their birthday. Or a ‘just because’ gift. It’ll be an excellent journey to bliss when rockin’ out to your favourite tunes and not be literally tied down with some darn’ tootin’ wires.

Want 15% off these Sudio wireless earphones? Use code spiffykerms upon checkout (code does not expire). Buy them here.

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