Sudio oozing perfect minimalistic vibes

Got some new rad wireless bluetooth headphones (white regent with interchangeable caps to customize!!) from Sudio Sweden. The code ‘spiffykerms’ can get you 15% off a pair!

Oozing perfect minimalistic vibes, I showed you premium pair of wireless Sudio earphones in December. I had the pleasure to work with the brand again to show you the headphone style. Getting straight to the point I will be completely honest and tell you I much prefer the earphones to the headphones — and I wouldn’t normally choose earbuds over a set of over-the-ear headphones, but the headphones although probably better than being too loose, is a bit too snug feeling on my ears. It squeezes them, and the domes don’t completely cover the ears, thus a squishing feeling. I’d much prefer them to be larger in size, even if it would look a bit dorky. I prefer comfort. Perhaps it would be nice for the designers to look into making different sizes for future models.

I will admit, my husband didn’t seem to mind the snug fit of the headphones. He took ownership of my Sudio earphones and brings them to work daily and came back without me asking an opinion of it, saying they were surprisingly excellent sound quality. More recently, I asked him to bring the headphones in one day to see how they felt when wearing for long periods of time. I tried it for four hours tuning out the world, cleaning my house (as I do every Monday!) and although squeezed for the first bit, I didn’t get a headache or sore ears, and neither did Mr. Spiffykerms.

The ear caps are interchangeable, and I picked some blue palm tree leaves to add to mine since… yar Canadian over here is obsessed with palm trees.

Music is a huge part of my day, especially as a blogger working from home it can definitely get lonely and quiet without something playing in the background. Alfie’s barking out the window at the neighbours definitely does not count. Ha! By the way, how do you listen to music? Often I tune into Google Music and select a station that way. On the flip side, I’m one of the weird people who don’t like to listen to music while they run. I like to be fully aware of my surroundings when running on the streets, as I often run alone. One, I would never wear huge over-the-ear headphones when I workout (think of the sweat build-up in the headphones, ew!) and the earphones pop-out when I run, anyway. I hate fumbling and fighting with any ear phones to stay in when I’m moving about.

So who are these headphones truly for? If you work in a communal space like many of the Bay Area jobs are around here, and want to listen to your own music, pop these bluetooth headphones on. Maybe you’re an avid traveller/commuter and are always on the go — these would be pretty great for you too. I wouldn’t suggest you wear these while driving. Has anyone else seen super bizarre sightings like that? Isn’t your car stereo good enough? I’ve seen so many people driving with earbuds in, or headphones. So strange!

Personally I find it’s hard to describe how they sound the sound quality is pretty great, but it’s no noise-cancelling $300 headphones, nor are they a cheap pair of headphones that sound like they’re from the dollar store. I’m diggin’ em though. Interested in a pair? Head on over to Sudio Sweden, and the code ‘spiffykerms’ can get you 15% off a pair!

Disclaimer: Sudio sent product for review.

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Sleek in Sudio

sudio wireless earphonesPicture this. Bundled up in your puffy Canadian winter coats, neck warming oversized scarfs and a knitted touque. You want to listen to some tunes while you’re crunching your way through the ice on a brisk morning. BUT! The earphones you have are a pain to deal with. The cord stuck close to your neck as you try and yank it up with a head-tilt… it ain’t happenin’. It’s stuck for good. For. Ever. lol.

Now, wouldn’t life be easier with wireless earphones? Yup. We’ve reached a paramount point with these earphones. I gotch’ur back pals. These bad boys are designer earphones from Sudio Sweden, and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. And best yet, no dealing with those annoying wires tucked in your puffy winter coat.

So get yourself (or a loved one) a sleek set of Sudio earphones for Christmas. Or their birthday. Or a ‘just because’ gift. It’ll be an excellent journey to bliss when rockin’ out to your favourite tunes and not be literally tied down with some darn’ tootin’ wires.

Want 15% off these Sudio wireless earphones? Use code spiffykerms upon checkout (code does not expire). Buy them here.

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