POM Friday at Communications Hill

pom-FRI-HEADERIt’s happening again! Weekly POM Friday posts, so get excited for it. Many people requested it, and many people love seeing Alfie’s adventures and what he gets up to in a run of a week.

alfie-tongue-outI gave him another haircut the day prior to driving to Communications Hill in (south?) San Jose and people definitely noticed! I trim Alfie’s hair myself, right outside our front porch, and I’ve been doing that since he was a pup, but sometimes I trim other places more carefully than others. When Alfie and I were minding our own business on the popular workout spot that is the stairs of Communications Hill, some old dudes who were doing their sweaty workout decided to point out that Alfie loooked as though he had a haircut, and it was botched.

alfie-run-to-meI was so stunned to even reply. Rude! Either way, both my husband and I agree, Alfie does not look botched — in fact I think he’s pretty proud, prancing around with his new haircut.

stairs-on-communications-hiCommunications Hill is a gorgeous spot to do a hefty workout, or enjoy a walk along the trails overlooking the city. What a view from the top!

Enjoy the photos! Looks like Alfie definitely had a time.


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