His 7th Ironman & The Lexus Adventure Continues…

HeaderConsidering the Lexus GX460 is the most expensive vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving (although I did take the LX570 off-roading in Oregon a few weeks back), it’s safe to say it’s the most comfortable.  My first reaction upon driving it around with Alfie (as he’s always my first passenger in any review vehicles), is that I felt like I was literally in a nice comfortable lazy-boy chair, while I drove around.

Lexus-GXLuckily I didn’t think it was too huge to manoeuvre around, as I was in large Lexus LUVs a few weeks prior and I was used to the size. Plus, those backup cameras help a ton when parking. In fact, I parallel parked this beastly when I drove to the second leg of Misters Ironman race. I was pretty pumped about the success of that in one go!

Lexus-GX460-trunkThe main reason I got the GX460 to review the past week was because I wanted something large and in charge, not only to allow enough room for Alfie, my Husband and I to pack our belongings in for a weekend, but to comfortably fit his tri-bike in it as well. Oh, and so it did.

parkedIt was definitely a practical sized to drive 2-3 hours north (it took 3 hours driving up to Sonoma area due to traffic, gah!) up to wine country for my husbands 7th Ironman Race, I knew the GX460 would fit everything we needed, plus a little more. The thing is a beast! Although, I’m sure it’s built on an older platform, I did notice some semi out-of-date things when I had it for the week. In other Lexus vehicles I’ve had in the past, the nav system had a touch screen and one of mouse-like buttons to scroll (on the console area) but this one was touch screen only. The parking brake was also one of those stomp-on ones rather than the push of a button, again minor. Though, we did notice was that the cooling seats weren’t as aggressive as previous Lexus models we’ve reviewed. I didn’t even notice that they were on, and I was then driving for an hour already. Strange! Usually it’s too cold for me to have on for more than 5 minutes. That’s fine with me, because I hate being cold and more often than not, the warm air is blasting on my face haha.

Alfie-waterAlfie guzzling down the water.

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