Popcorn for supper!

Popcorn for supper!

Those that know me, understand the meaning behind when I announce that I’m having popcorn for supper.  It means the boyfriend is out of town, and I don’t have to cook. So I don’t. Instead, I have popcorn for supper.

Since I’m usually home alone and bored when he’s gone. I also like to organize things. This can be either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at the situation. It looks good, yea — but I have no idea where I put anything. Oops?

My target shopping trips have been steady and on a rigerous routine since it opened. Each Sunday (with skipping a few because hello weekly is a little overboard) I head over to Target to spot some goodies.

I bought 2 pairs of PJ bottoms, 5 new pairs of Gillian & O’Malley thongs (the best) and scoped out some organizing tips from this fancy aisle.Target aisles

When the boyf was away last weekend I took it upon myself to finally organize the bedroom step-by-step. I got out the handy dandy measuring tape and got to work. Once I had all my measurements down pat I knew that before I went to Ikea to get the supplies I wanted to check Target’s prices, and to scope out the price of the rubbermaid closet organizer I was given to review on my blog. heh. It was $49.99. Target Closet Helper

I’ve been wanting a new desk out in the living room for my computer for the longest time, and I also wanted to have a book shelf in the bedroom for shoes and makeup storage. I don’t want to reveal everything fun and organizey in one post, so that will have to wait another time.

Thank goodness I had a ton of patience this day because I had to read the instructions on how to put it together, and sort through years of the boyf’s clothes that he doesn’t like to purge even though he hasn’t worn them in the 8 years I’ve known him.

The closet is all of the boyf’s stuff. I hang up my blazers and dresses but my tops and pants are elsewhere in the bedroom. Brace yourselves. Just looking at this makes me short of breath ;) This is how the bedroom closet looked like before:Closet-before

We tried organizing the closet in the past with these hanging cubes. It worked for a little while. But as you can see it ended up not working to our advantage.

The Rubbermaid Closet Helper was fool-proof. If I get impatient reading instructions yet can still put this together, that’s tellin’ ya something. No tools required either. Meaning no structural damage done because we still live in an apartment building. Closet-Before-and-After

First I gutted the closet and laid out all the clothes on the bed. Holy moses it was a high pile. I was starting to get overwhelmed. Alfie is holding down the fort, making sure I’m doing everything rightfully so. gutted

Sometimes I just walk away, do something else and come back to the task at hand. Anyone else like this? I swear this took 5 hours longer than it should’ve. Just because i decided to do laundry, eat lunch and shower in between putting this closet together. Success:Closet-Helper-built

Now to put all the clothing back. Will it all fit? I had no idea. I hoped it would…I started color co-ordinating his shirts by color. One side is all short sleeved shirts, the other side had long sleeved.  Hot dang, it all freaking fits! Halleluiah. This is when I started getting excited, bbming the pics to the boyf, and instagramming them.  rubbermaid-closet

It feels so refreshing to finally be able to look at the closet and not want to cringe at the sight. In fact, I got rid of 15 or go hangers. Everything fit in the closet again! Mostly because the second rod was added on the bottom, which is where my blazers are stored along with the Boyf’s ties and a pair of his dress pants.

Loooookin’ gooooood.top-of-closet

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