Keep that sunkissed glow year round

bareMinerals-touch-up-to-glowBy now people are jumping into the winter scene, recommending how to take care of your skin during the colder months. Products that work on your skin during the summer months mightn’t work during the dry months. In fact, many make-up artists recommend you switch up your foundation when the seasons change. While I agree to it somewhat, I don’t agree that you should go from completely dewy and sun kissed during summer, to a flat matte face for winter. With the dry skin I have, matte doesn’t look good on me and I always prefer to have glowy skin year round.

Here’s the thing. You’ve searched high and low for your holy grail foundation, only for the seasons to change and make up artists are telling us we should switch out our foundation for the summer/winter months! What to do? Rather than go out and buy another foundation in a darker/lighter colour, I have a solution! If you are going into summer and your foundation is too dark: apply a gel bronzer to your foundation: instantly warmed up. If your foundation is too dark, I suggest adding moisturizer to it: creating a lighter shade suitable for your winter skin.

You guys know I have to be reppin’ Canada at any moment possible. Leave a comment if you guys have the exact same pair of mittens, from The Bay! Here are some ways I keep my sun kissed skin for a winter glow.


1. Exfoliate. 2. Self-tan. 3. Apply serum. 4. Moisturize. 5. Apply foundation.
6. Dab concealer where necessary. 7. Add warmth to the skin with bronzer.
8. Apply highlighter. 9. Make your eyelashes flirty with mascara. 10. Add lipgloss.

While you should exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin cells, it’s important to also do it when the air is dry and cold in order for your foundation to sit nicely on the skin. To prevent your foundation from looking cakey on your kin, try mixing it with a bit of moisturizer.

Swap out your lightweight summer moisturizer for a thicker one during the winter. I amp it up and use philosophy no reason to hide serum, and a thick moisturizer to really penetrate into the skin to achieve a youthful glow for that, I reach for philosophy back to nurture. I have been using philosophy products since 2011, I know it works so I don’t fuss with my skincare routine one bit.

bareMinerals-touch-up-glowTo make that glow last throughout the day I like to have my cheekbones catch the light. I dab illuminating powder from bareMinerals on the upper corners of the cheekbones, and sometimes if I’m getting really glammed up, I put it on my brow bones, and the inner corners of my eyes. Go for gold undertones if you have warm skin, and silvery pinks if you’re fair. Though, there really are no rules when it comes to applying make up.

close-up-touch-up-to-glow  touch-up-to-glow

Here’s what touch up to glow looks like on my cheek bones. I’m thinking it looks pretty decent, right? My skin definitely has a bit of a sun-kissed glow to it, but it’s not over the top. I’m definitely going to be sporting this makeup look tomorrow when I go to a fun blogging event in San Francisco. I’ll tell you all about it on Thursday though!Winter-Glowy-Skin

Most importantly: remember to hydrate! Your skin will suck up all that H20.

If you’re into wearing make up and don’t mind an extra step, use a primer before foundation as it creates a barrier for any dry spots you may have on your face. Foundation can often accentuate dry patches and if you want to look extra flawless, use a primer. I haven’t used many, and I have tried a sample of Benefit Porefessional, which I enjoyed.

Philosophy and bareMinerals products were sent for review.

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