Sustainable loungewear for kids

Not shown: toddler cleaning up all his toys so the little guy can’t play with them 😭🤣….at least he’s not subtly pushing him off the ottoman 🤷‍♀️. Siblings man.

Goumi products are made of organic cotton/bamboo pieces. They’re committed to only producing products that are sustainable, functional, and beautiful…. especially for boys! I mean, I love some trucks and dinos on their stuff…but not on everything ya’kno?

They even have women’s wear. I have a super long cardigan from them, cozy to cuddle up in when it’s 9 degrees in the mornings. Brr!

Both boys wearing Goumi Kids loungewear/PJs in the colour sandstone. You can get a discount on their site using my code: NANCY. And if it’s your first purchase over $80 you can get $40 off using my link.

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