Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a decent weekend! What did you all do?

I’ve been keeping comfortable with many hot teas, Netflix on my Nexus 7 (from Staples!) curled up in bed. Reading blogs and watching movies in bed all day? I could do that. Wait. I did. All weekend long. Oof! nexus7-on-my-bed

It’s been a long weekend over here for me. The Guy is finally back in town, and we are now sick together. I’m on the mend, he’s just now getting it.

On Thursday I stayed home because I coughed up a lung or two the night before. Friday I had to go into work to get some more stuff done before our big annual general meeting coming up in a few days. It’s like organizing a wedding (like I’d know all about that lol). And I’m doing it all on my own. I was in for about half the day, then my boss sent me home because I was probably spreading germs everywhere. So it was an extra extra long weekend for me.

I bailed on heading to Toronto yesterday, to meet up with Leanne, because I didn’t want to be hacking all day long and not enjoy the day. Plus I had to last minute cancel on a fun Make Up For Ever event. I really hate it when people cancel on me, so I hated doing so. But my Mom was right, when I talked to her earlier this weekend. I needed to stay in and get rid of this head cold, chest cold. Whatever it is.

Since I was feeling pretty grubby after a rough week (of coughing and holding in my ribs) I decided to fancy my toes up a little bit. Especially because it’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I had a pedicure last. Had an appointment for Friday, but had to call and cancel that too. touch-of-twinkle-china-glaze

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