Alfie’s Adventures in the birthday convertible

Well folks, Alfie had one fantastic birthday, let me tell you that much. And a huge thanks goes out to Mazda USA for providing us with a birthday convertible for our sweet pup. Yes – I pitched it, solely for the purpose of Alfie’s use.

You want to know why? Because that’s the only thing that will make him smile this huge, these days. Almost two weeks ago we received the worst news that Alfie (who has lymphoma and is terminally ill) only had days left. So far, he’s going strong and is our little fighter. We’re hoping he becomes a miracle puppa. So far I think we’ve gotten everything down pat with regards to his medications, when to walk him (when his belly is all squeaky, or if he gets suddenly aggravated and barky), and feed him small frequent meals a day (which is 5….lol). He’s lost quite a bit of weight, but that’s due to the cancer, unfortunately. I’ve been updating everyone on his status on Instagram stories as much as possible, and people thoroughly enjoy seeing his little face, and rooting him on. So much love for this little fella!

His 8th birthday was on October 23, and we followed suit, similar to my birthday back in May. We didn’t get the car until the 24th so on that weekend, we drove down in the “California Convertible” as I like to label it (the Mazda MX5) and had a beach day in Santa Cruz, all catered to him. It was perfect. Brought his snacks, his meds and all hahahaha.

When we came back at sunset, we watched the airplanes come in, back in San Jose, and it was the perfect ol’ day. Couldn’t have asked for a better day at all.

This is my first time actually driving the MX5 myself, since the other two times I was in it, they were standard transmissions, and I didn’t want to take a chance learning on a review car, haha. So, I was peppin’ around all week with Alfie in tow, roof down constantly – even if it was a bit chilly. COuldn’t wipe that smile off Alfie’s face, which in turn made my entire week so much better.

Each day is a different story with our sweet pup, but luckily this past week he’s been “himself” with how well things are going.

Lymphoma isn’t curable, but it is treatable. At this point, Alfie’s lymphoma has taken over his little intestines, and is growing. We can only hope that we’re making his last while with us, the best he’s ever had.

Thank you again Mazda for being so understanding, caring, and best of all making my little Alfie smile.

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