Battle of the eReaders

Hypothetical question for you guys and gals out there today. If you had to buy an ebook on your ereader, or iPad which would you choose and why?

I’m not a huge reader myself, which is why I purchased my iPad last summer, and have yet to buy any ebooks. Oops. But I’m wondering what everyone is reading lately? Probably the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy, am I right?

I don’t talk about my iPad usage all that much, but quite frankly, I use my iPad more often than booting up my old school laptop from 2006. I bring it everywhere with me, whether or not I need it. It’s just so portable and convenient. Plus you don’t need the internet to use the iPad, since I’ve downloaded a ton of free games, and other things that don’t require internet.

Always in my purse. See?

My Mom is a huge reader for example, but I bought a BlackBerry PlayBook for my parents just this past Christmas. I know that a PlayBook or an iPad doesn’t even compare to an eReader and getting the best ebook to read, since they do completely different things. But it’d be interesting to see what kind of eReaders people are buying.

Do you have one? Was it a good buy?

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The pits turned out great

Yesterday? Was the pits. Of course it also had to fall on a Monday, right?

I’ll give you a bit of a run down. I woke up late because I hit snooze for the first time in about three years. I got my morning shower and put my huge bath sheet sized towel on my head to dry my hair a bit before blow drying. As I bent over to put something in the garbage, or get my underwear on – I forget what I was doing. But my helmet head grazed the shelf where our mirrors were laying, underneath my hair brush. The shelf above the toilet. I hate those shelves.

Two mirrors came crashing down along with my wooden hair brush. I broke the damn mirror. 7 years bad luck? I don’t know really. Last time I broke a mirror was with my butt when I was a kid. It was on the couch and I sat on it.

Oh, and that’s not all. Our driveway to the underground parking garage was getting paved yesterday morning so we all couldn’t park underground. We parked outside, in the visitor’s lot. I got a bloody parking ticket. Seriously? I’m definitely fighting that one, since everyone had to get the hail out of there. Needless to say it was an angry morning.

Never mind the fact that I’ve had a terrible ear drum blockage since last week. Friday I ended up going to the drop in clinic and telling the Doc what was going on. He gave me some nasal spray for my ear drum blockage and sent me along my way. I feel like a druggie sniffing my spray up my nose every morning.

Don’t be negative… don’t be negative. I hate whining and complaining, so I had to totally do a 180 and make the day better.

I decided to ease my anger by doing a little shopping on my lunch break with my bosses daughter who also works with us. She’s pretty cool. Hi Amy! (She reads my site). Why did she come with me? Well, I needed some backup in case I forgot what I wanted when I was asking for it. So many jumbled numbers and letters to ask for, when getting an iPad. “I’ll take the iPad2, 32 gig 3g with wifi and a sim card please” sounds like something from outer space.

(Ignore my orange hair in the second pic. I think it’s the lighting, lol my hair isn’t orange.)

It made my day. The pits turned out great.

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