Woke up in a panic

Have you ever had those days where your alarm didn’t go off at the time it was supposed to, and you woke up in a panic?

That happened to me last week. In retrospect I should have gotten out of bed when I first rose at 6:40a, except I decided to get another 20 minutes of sleep which resulted in 2+ more hours. At 9am when my husbands alarm went off, I woke up thinking it was my own. I checked my text messages from Jessica, saying she was on her way to collect me. Sacred heart of jaysus, I’ve never been more mad at myself.

I was out the door in 8 minutes. After waking up. Goodbye Half Moon BayWaking up late meant I had no time to shower. I’m pleasantly surprised at how voluminous my second day hair looked. Don’t be fooled, it ended up getting oily throughout the day.

I shouldn’t be surprised though, since this happens to me a few times a year. I set my alarm, but I don’t turn it on. As I was getting ready she told me she was on her way. Living 2 miles away from one another, makes for a quick drive on her part. With my hair still pinned up from the morning face wash and teeth brushing, I grabbed the make-up I had left to apply, even hair straightener, and bolted to her car so we could make our reservation on time. Not sure why I brought the hair straightener. Not like I could apply some sort of heat to my hair in her car.

Jessica and I had plans to drive to the gorgeous little town of Half Moon Bay and eat breakfast at Navio in the Ritz Carlton, with the most incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. My wallet would only allow me the cheapest thing on the menu, a $13 fruit parfait and a water. Bring me my water, Charles. Pep pep!

Berry Parfait Navio Ritz CarltonIt left me a little hungry, afterwards — but I enjoyed the moment while I was in it.

Selfie at Ritz CarltonI wonder how many people have taken sleepy-eyed selfies in this floor to wall marble bathroom? At some point I’d love to afford the $600/night, just once.

Our view while eating breakfast was absolutely breathtaking. Gardens of Ritz Carlton

I’m happy to be close to the ocean again. Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

A few people enjoyed their breakfast outside. I wonder which one of them drove the Aston Martin that was parked out front?Ritz Carlton

 Selfie outside Ritz CarltonYeah, those are goosebumps on my arm. I think I’ve acclimatized to California a little too quickly.

Jessica and NancyJessica’s a photographer-champ and has some gorgeous pictures up on her site, as always. Check them out.

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