Last Minute Gift Ideas

Okay folks, we’re really down to the grind here. Get those booties out to the store and finish up your shopping. Here are a few of my top picks for last minute Christmas ideas:

Articles of Society jeansArticles of Society Jeans| $59. I know jeans sound like a weird gift to give. But I recently bought these for myself and I don’t know why I didn’t think sooner to shop Nordstrom for jeans! I always went to Zara. Either way, these are more like jeggings, they’re stretchy, they’re comfortable and they’re butt-flattering. If you know the size of the one you’re shopping for, definitely be on the lookout for this brand. I can’t get over how many styles and shades of blue they had. I’m totally going back when I need another!

MAD Magazine. Bringing back the 80’s. I certainly hope my brother doesn’t read my blog. But I recall he and I going to the corner store as kids, and he always wanted to pick up a MAD magazine. I don’t know if you can get them in Canada anymore, I tried searching on Chapters/Indigo’s website and it didn’t pop up. I bought a few of these at Target for him this year as a throwback :)

Geometricolor Palette

Sephora Geometricolor PaletteSephora Geometricolor Palette| Got a newbie makeup lover in your life? This huge case contains 80 mini eyeshadows, tons of gloss, powders, blush and even eyebrow powders. Your teen or kid would be set for years with this.

Google Home -or- Amazon Echo. Both a similar product, and both pretty fun to play with, even if you’re not a techy! Both voice controlled devices that allow you to play music and control smart home devices, provide information (about traffic, or the weather for instance) or get it to tell you jokes.

Google PixelGoogle Pixel phone by Google| So I know this is an expensive gift, but if you’re a really late shopper and still haven’t picked up a thing and your loved one needs a new phone, I have to say I’ve been really enjoying my Google Pixel. The video quality is unreal, with 60fps and image stablization makes it look dreamy. I have to admit that it’s a little annoyance that the photos automatically have the HDR setting on, which I take off (most) the time when doing flatlay pictures. But the image is so sharp, and my techy husband really wants mine… so… there’s that.

mini bar kit nordstromMini Bar Kit| $65. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Imagine just whippin’ this out and making your own little cocktail on a flight. I know I would’ve liked to have that on our long haul from California back to Canada! Whewf .

Formula X City ChicFormula X – City Chic| I know tons of friends who are into nail polishes, and know very well they’d love to get this gift from me, to them. Great colours too with a few different formulas too ranging from cream polishes, to sparkly.

Whiskey GlassesWhiskey Norlan Glasses| $48. Got a whiskey drinker on your hands? These glasses are scientifically designed to enhances your whiskey’s aroma and gives it a mellower, more expressive taste. Huh! Fancy-pants.

mophoe power reservemophie power reserve| $18. Amazon Prime Member? Get it next day. Everyone, including me, seem to be always running low on phone-battery.  Plus – rose gold. C’mon.

And finally, to finish it all off for Christmas gift guides for the season, I had to send you off with another makeup recommendation! Right?

Sephora Romantic paletteBronzed, Blushed & Ready To Glow palette + Sephora The Romantic eyeshadow palette. A great little combo for that beauty love (ahem me!) in your life.

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Google Pixel Unboxing #giftfromgoogle

The Pixel, Phone by Google was announced on October 4, 2016 and I wanted to do an unboxing video of Googles new smartphone for the first time. Pretty sure this is the fanciest cell phone I have had to date. This is exciting you guys!

Do note this isn’t a review or talking about any specific features of the phone just yet, that is in another video which is also linked below. I’m simply sharing its arrival and unboxing it for the first time. I mean, it only came out in stores today! Basically I’m showing you what you’ll get, if you order the new Google Pixel phone.

More information below on the specs, price, looks and pre-order detail of Pixel and Pixel XL.

IMG_20161013_120518Let’s get to it. It’s a short 4:40 minute video, so take a look.


Remember, this is my first tech unboxing video so take it easy on me (watch my video of turning on the Google Pixel for the first time, with a demo at the end).

Check out the specs, price, looks and pre-order detail of Pixel and Pixel XL.
#madebygoogle, #giftfromgoogle

I feel like Christmas came early. Oh man, what a beauty.

So, questions for you guys: What are your thoughts on the new Google Pixel phone?

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