It’s all those carrots I ate

This weekend we checked out the little town of Saratoga. We brought Alfie along with us to do a bit of window shopping in the charming European-feel town, have a stroll through the park, and to our surprise a free concert at Wildwood.

Heading back to our car we saw this insane luxury car. I’m not huge into cars, but this one was unreal. It ended up being a McLaren — to which that peeked The Guy’s interested in looking up the base price of what it goes for. Ohh, you know — 1.3 million. I don’t think I’ll ever make that much money in my entire life. If I had a car that expensive, I’d be afraid to take it for a drive for fear of it getting scratched. Or bird pooped on!




















Alfie-and-MeAmerican Eagle puffy vest, Etsy necklace & scarf, Anthropologie cardigan
Urban Outfitters tank top, Forever 21 jeans, J Crew flats, GlassesShop glasses

So, I bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing eyeglasses, no?

FortSmith Rectangle Tortoise – Tortoise

My eyesight has always been “better than perfect vision” says the Optometrist. I crack jokes whenever I get my eyes checked every few years, saying it’s all those carrots I’ve been eating making my eyesight abnormally good. I have always wanted to rock a pair of eyeglasses. Everyone in my family now needs them, but me! Well, ha! I figured out that you can buy non-prescription glasses. I mean, I guess I knew that a while ago but never really thought anything of it, until I was contacted by the GlassesShop. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the FortSmith Rectangle Tortoise (the one’s I’m wearing in this post) or the quirky Sonoma Rectangle glasses in white. I’m never the type to dwell on which item I should get but I was completely stumped. Go out of my comfort zone and get a bold white set of frames? Or stick to a smart brown tortoise shell set? Why not both! Worst thing they could say was no. To my surprise, they agreed on the two. Woo buddy! Score on that one.

They arrived from China in a timely matter. I googled reviews and it wasn’t good. Shipping took ages, or their prescriptions were incorrect upon arrival. After mine arrived I took a ton of selfies to see if I was confident enough to wear them out in public, mainly the white ones. Boy, they’re somethin’ else. Instagram folks gave me the two thumbs up, so that was a bit of an ego boost. The Guy has been wearing glasses for a long time, so he thinks it’s a little odd that I’m voluntarily wearing them since technically, I don’t have to. Well sir, I think it adds a bit of fashion to my otherwise boring outfits/face. Not that I have a boring face. I mean, it spices it up with accessorizing my face. Get it? What do you think of them?

If you’re interested in buying a pair prescriptions or not, Glasses Shop has offered you guys a 20% off code: use NancyX20 before checking out.

What did you do this weekend?

When is the last time you explored your city?

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