Head to toe pampering

Before I get started on this post, I want to thank everyone who e-mailed and commented about my rough bitter-sweet week on Friday’s blog post. All of your comments brought a smile to my face, knowing that you’re all thinking about my family and I. So I wanted to let each and every one of you know how much I appreciated those words.

I’m so glad I ended up taking today off work. Our flight was delayed leaving Quebec City on this dingy little airplane with two seaters. Smallest plane I’ve been on in ages. It didn’t even have TV’s! lol I’m surprised they came around with complimentary juice, pop and water for us seeing how it was such a small plane. I slept the entire way, which is only a little under an hour and a half. Then our commute back home which was close to an hour.

My day off today consisted of 4 loads of laundry, 2 sets of dishes and I went to pick up Alfie this morning. He was crying and shaking, he was so excited to see me. I’ve never seen him act so insane. Just kept on bouncing up and down wanting me to pick him up, let him down, and pick him up again. Ha! The boyfriend hasn’t seen him yet since he’s not back from work yet, so that’ll be another exciting moment for Alfie in a few hours.

I just got back from the spa. Head to toe pampering, truly amazing on this snowy chilly Tuesday. However, it was delayed from this morning to this afternoon. But since I took the day off work, I didn’t have any qualms about it. I had a deep tissue massage that ended up being a little painful in certain parts (where my ‘knots’ were), and my first ever facial which was so interesting. I’m definitely could get used to getting a facial every so often. I found out so much information on my skin it was really quite interesting to hear. Especially the products I should be using on my face. Of course, the woman doing the facial tried to sell me on the creams she was using, which I wasn’t planning to do. I like to do my research before I go out and buy products. So I had her write all the information down, hah.

I have to gather all of the photos I took from this weekend and compile them into one large ol’ post for you guys to see what we did this weekend. I’ll tell you something, if we ever go there again in the winter, I’ll be bringing a lot more snow clothes to wear! We ended up wearing all of the clothes we brought each day. As in, layering a ridiculous amount to try and stay warm. I’m glad now I didn’t book us a room at the Ice Hotel! I ended up wearing leggings, 2 pairs of pants, 3 tank tops and 3 shirts/sweaters and a coat. Mind you, it was probably the wind that cut into us making us more colder. So in hindsight it would’ve been great to pack snow pants, and a snow jacket. I even had a thick scarf wrapped around my face with sunglasses and a thick winter hat on.

Quebec-Carnaval-003This is what I basically looked like the entire three days of our trip. At one point I was complaining so much I made us stop into the pharmacy and get those hand warmers that you stick into your gloves. Whoever invented those was genius and I love them for it.

I’ll leave you with that! See you tomorrow evening once I write up a little re-cap of our trip!

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