Getting Alfie socialized

I woke up this morning to head down to a monthly dog walk, where I try and get Alfie socialized.

The first 15 minutes we stand around waiting for dogs and their owners to show up for the walk. I should really show up late because Alfie gets weird when we’re just standing around.Large dog walk group

Our Pom is almost 4 years old and still as wild as ever with socializing. I’ve brought him to obedience classes for his entire life (not just once a year) and while he knows commands and how to act in certain situations, he’s still skiddish and protective around people. Once we start walking, he calms down and acts like the King of the world. Trotting around and checking in with of pups

Here he is doing one of his check-in’s. Hey ma, Look at me. I’m walking next to another dog and not freakin’ out. Look look!Alfie and his new buddies

My coworker has a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and I spotted three of them on the group walk today, so I stuck with them and their owner and had a grand ol’ chat about her pups Joey, Diva (!!!), and Kelso. One mini teacup puppy was there,  have no idea what kind of dog but its name was Jeffrey. Love human names for dogs. I think it’s the funniest thing ever. There was even a Vizsla there, which reminded me of Julie’s dog Sadie. hairy hairless and chinese crested powder puff

Alfie took quite the liking to miss Diva. I thought it was funny how he wanted in between all three dogs, right under the leashes. Alfies crush

He didn’t mind Joey, either.Alfie made friends

By the end of the walk, Alfie calmed down and minimized his barking when we stopped and waiting for some of the dogs to catch up with the group. alfie on the dog walk

Love these dog walks, and I wish they happened more than once a month.

Do you have any organized dog walks around your area? Do you participate in them? This is the third time I’ve gone to one of these since I only found out about them through my CEO.

What are your plans for the rest of the day? I’m heading out shortly to a goodbye forever party. My pedicure lady is moving back to Cambodia in August, so she’s having a little gathering to say goodbye to everyone. It’s going to be so sad! I know it’ll be a fun party though because they love listening to music and will probably be using their ua apollo at musicians friend thing.

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