Dior Vernis — Limited Edition

Dior-Vernis-Spring-and-LillI decided to share the love with this collection of limited edition Dior Vernis. While I was home in Newfoundland I received an abundance of Dior goodies from the company. My younger cousin lucked out, as I gave her two of the four, for her nail polish collection. She even did some nail polish swatches for me, for this blog — thanks Claire!

We’re a bit different in what we like in regards to nail polish formula and brushes. I’ve always said, Sally Hansen & Dior are my top two brands of nail polish I prefer to stick to. Primarily because of the nice shape and size of the brush. Where as my cousin Claire stated to me that while she likes the nail polish she found the brush too wide. She mentioned it was hard to keep it within the nail. Brands like OPI and Essie have smaller brushes which she prefers — and I definitely do not.

Here are the swatches. Spring-and-Lili

Dior Spring is my cult classic this Fall. I have been wearing it for weeks, and only wore Lili simply for the sake of taking nail polish swatches. Lili is a colour I’d naturally gravitate towards, but Spring — boy, that’s something special. A muted purple-grey. I’ve received so many compliments on it in person, and Instagram. It’s a beaut.

My cousin sent over some polish swatches of hers. An odd thing to notice but doesn’t she have the best nail beds? They’re so much longer than mine. Diorette-and-Star

 I’m not sure if it was a help from the Dior Gel Coat top coat or not, but when I wore Dior Spring — I hadn’t had a chip in 5 DAYS. I went climbing one of the days, and my nails were a bit scratched on the surface but still no chipping. I’m telling ya, you get what you pay for. The Gel Coat was bought by me, a number of months ago. But I love using it on top of any Dior polish as my top coat to get a shellac like finish that lasts. The 4 Dior Vernis colours are available at The Bay for $26 CDN and are limited edition, so get your hands on them now if you want to snatch one up.


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4 Ways To Make Your Summer Pedicure Last


Who doesn’t love getting pampered once in a while? I love going to the salon and getting my toes painted fun, bright colours, especially during the summer when I’ve been rocking a bit more self-tanner than usual and I’m blending in with all the California tanned skinned people. I’m not the pale Canadian any more. By all means rock your paleness if you choose to do so. I personally prefer a bit of sun kissed glow to my skin.

I know it can be annoying to get a chip in your polish a few days after paying big bucks to get them done professionally, or even at home. Today I’m sharing my secrets with you on how to make your summer pedicure last.

Dior-nail-polishesBring your own nail polish

I’m not going to get into details, but I’m positive bringing your own polish to a salon is far more sanitary than using the ones provided. I don’t know how long the polish has been sitting on the shelves, which that can add into the factor of your polish not living up to its full potential. Bonus is that when you bring your own polish and it happens to chip, you have the exact colour to touch up.

Scrub your feet often

Dry heels and feet are a total eyesore, so why not keep them soft and smooth every way you can? Buy yourself a pumice stone with a handle (tweezerman is the best one I’ve used). After you’ve been in the shower and your feet are washed, and warmed up, give those heels a good scrub to keep them looking in tip top shape. I prefer to keep my heels and feet as soft and supple looking as possible, so I do this step every day.

Sephora-Cuticle-OilMoisturize your feet and cuticles

Keeping your feet looking moisturized makes them look healthier and prevent you from future dry cracked heels which can be painful. Applying a cuticle oil will help your pedicure to look fresh and of course, will help your polish last.

Apply a clear top coat

Take any clear top coat nail polish, apply a fresh coat of polish to your nail to keep it looking glossy and brand new. Another added tip is if you apply your clear coat polish to the edges of your nails (where you clip them), it will prevent any polish from lifting and chipping. Seche Vite, and Dior polishes are my go-to for top coats.

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