Dior Skyline Autumn Lacquer | MINIMAL + SKYLINE

Dior Skyline nail polishesDior has launched their fall collection called the Skyline Collection as of August 1! Every Dior launch has a story behind it, and this one being inspired by the architectural design from the Eiffel Tower structure. Who doesn’t want to be in Paris during the colourful season of Autumn? You’ll see how that really comes into play when you see the designs imprinted in the eyeshadows (blog post coming soon!)

First I’m talking about one of my favourite things by Dior: their nail polishes.

Ah the best nail polishes come back with another killer duo. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again Dior (and Sally Hansen!) have the best formula, the best brushes, and the best overall longevity and application in any nail polishes I’ve tried.

I’ve been wearing the beige colour (which I’d describe more of a peachy nude than beige) called Minimal the most, because I’m against the cooler weather coming just yet. I’m only getting used to this California heat! Although California doesn’t get too chilly, it does require more layers than the hot hot sun, in summer, obvs.

See them on my nails after the jump!

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