Dior Cosmopolite | Nail polish for Fall 2015

Dior-Darling-Blush-polish791 Daring Blue

Dior-Cosmopolite-polish785 Cosmopolite

Dior-Miroire-polish001 Mirror

Dior-Metropolish-polish701 Metropolis

These are the four new nail polishes Dior will be releasing on August 1, for their Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection. Got a favourite? That green one was the first one I took a photo of this morning, and it has been on my nails for 4 days without a hitch. Looks like it holds up pretty good while making a pretty bold statement. Who knew I’d be sporting the forest green colour I had painted on my walls back in Grade 8. My hubby seems to like this shade on me too.

After taking a few swatches of these this afternoon I now have on the maroon colour, called after the collection itself, Cosmopolite. Definitely a second favourite. The entire collection will be a hybrid of metallics, and fun colours to wear in the cooler months creeping up on us. Except, it definitely was not cool outside today. 38*C out there today, smokin’! I ended up driving to the mall to save me some air-con costs, only to have it announced over the entire PA-system at the mall that between the hours of 2 and 5pm they will be dimming lights and not putting the A/C cranked so high. Fail there on my part. So I drove back and cranked my own AC in the comfort of my own home and took some nail swatches for ya guys.

Dior Nail Vernis will retail for $31.00CDN.


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