Battle of the ‘brows

Hourglass-DiorEveryone has a bad eyebrow story to tell, am I right? Let me go first.

For me, back in my early twenties I plucked them so thin that I ended up getting rid of the “tail” end my eyebrows altogether! I literally plucked to where my eyebrow arch started (well, and then ended). I didn’t realize it for about a year or so of doing that, that it didn’t look right. Why didn’t anyone tell me? ;)

Ever since then I was afraid of touching my eyebrows. I let them grow in a bit, then out of pure convenience I started asking my pedicure lady to wax them. She waxed them so thin they looked drawn on. I flew home for Christmas one year and my brother bluntly asked me “WTF is wrong with your eyebrows?”. Honest to goodness I stopped going to my waxing lady as soon as he said that. I have to say, his statement stung a little. But let me tell you, it definitely helped! That was back in ’09/’10 and now I just tweeze the stray hairs, and try to grow them as thick as possible.

Then I thought — hey… I should try and fill them in! That’s where the YouTube video watching came in. I spent a long time watching and trying to perfect the ol’ eyebrow filling in tricks. They make it look so easy. I went and bought the poplar and raved about product by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I was recommended the wrong colour and didn’t it for a number of years.

Hourglass-And-DiorIt’s only been since this summer that I started filling in my eyebrows with a bit of colour, to make them appear more thicker. I think I have it down pat, although certaintly not perfected. It is hard to do the beginning of your eyebrows naturally (by the bridge of your nose) but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of the two products I’ve been using.

Both eyebrow products twist up to reveal the product. But Dior’s product doesn’t have a cap. I have been using the product since April and it doesn’t seem to be drying up. Whewf.

Ooh, I have an idea! Let’s have a battle of the ‘brows with the two products: Hourglass Arch Brow ($32) , and Dior Universal Brow Pencil ($29).

Dior-Hourglass-NibsYou’ll notice the two brow pencils are quite different in size.

Hourglass-Dior-closeupDior has a lil’ nubbins on it. Great for precise application and mimicking real eyebrow hairs. Hourglass is more diverse of an eyebrow pencil because of its triangle shaped tip. Apply the colour flat to the eyebrow just as it is, or use the triangle tip on its edge to draw thin precise lines.

Hourglass-dior-spooliesThe spoolies are quite different than one another. Dior is shorter, has shorter narrow bristles. Hourglass is large and in charge with its almost bulky mascara wand size spoolie. I haven’t minded either size while brushing out my eyebrows.

Eyebrow-swatchesI find it easier to apply colour lightly using the Hourglass arch brow. You can almost tell that from the photos above. There are two Hourglass colours swatched above because I received two! I have been using the Hourglass Soft Brunette and the Dior for my eyebrows, I have laid Hourglass Warm Blonde to the wayside :) But if you compare the far left swatch to the far right swatch, they look pretty similar, don’t they? On my eyebrows I feel like the one on the far left looks a bit too red/warm for my liking.

And finally, my favourite part. Comparing the two on my eyebrows, a before and after if you will:

Hourglass applied on the left, Dior on the right. What do you think?eyebrows-before-after

I cut off most my head because my hair was air-dried and looked super dumb. Ha! And obviously I’m not a pro at doing my eyebrows. I’m literally a month or two into it (and don’t do it daily).

Final thoughts //
I am not going to reveal a favourite out of the two brands, because quite frankly I do not have a favourite. I have been trying to figure this one out for weeks! I rotate between the two eyebrow pencils and love the way both of them apply, I love the two colours although different than one another. I suppose it’s all personal preference really, if you were to go out and buy one of the two products, I would suggest going to Sephora and trying them on your eyebrows yourself. Everyone is different, right?

Disclaimer: products were sent for review. 

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