Creating Healthy Habits with Kiwami Greens

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Many people have tried to create healthy habits, mainly in the form of new years resolutions. Unfortunately, most have yet to stick to that resolution and are onto other alternate routes on becoming the best, healthier self they can be. Firstly, I’ll congratulate you on wanting to keep up with your resolutions whether or not you broke it. I gotta agree, it’s tough to keep up when no one is constantly pushing you to better yourself.

My friend Elisabeth have set a pact with one another — we are to go explore new trails weekly. One, it keeps me so motivated because I don’t want to cancel on our plans. Two, I love chatting and catching up with my friend when getting in a workout, whether we hike, run or walk the trail. And third, I’m always so enthused to head out weekly with my pal as it gives me encourages me to keep up, get stronger, and become more healthy overall.

I ain’t gettin’ any younger!

Have an on-the-go lifestyle and need balance? Consume Kiwami Greens as an everyday ritual for your modern life to balance both the body and mind. Seems like it’d pair well with my weekly yoga trips! I ended up bringing one on a walk with my friend Elisabeth the other day, and I gave her a few packets to try out as well since I know she’s really into that kinda stuff, too.

Kiwami Greens is inspired by Aojiru (ah-oh-ji-ru), a traditional Japanese greens blend known for its superior nutritional properties. Aojiru is a traditional Japanese drink for health and well-being. It’s harvested from young barley and ashitaba greens from the islands of Japan. It blends well with teas, sencha, and matcha for a smooth rich taste in the way of “kiwami”. Kiwami Greens is packed with calcium, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, fiber, and folic and amino acids. Ashitaba is a very unique plant that’s long been used in traditional Japanese medicine — it’s a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, and B6, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin E.

I’ve been drinking it for the past few days as I received a box of 30, and I gotta say I’m loving the simple, small changes I’m making. More greens in my life = healthier me. Having these easy to-go packets of Kiwami Greens is such a simple and convenient way to incorporate more greens into your daily diet, and stay healthy when you’re constantly on-the-go.

Simple health habits worth adapting (with Kiwami Greens!):


Find ways to make your healthy habit and lifestyle change as enjoyable as possible. As I mentioned above, exercise with a friend is always excellent and I’ve never regretted it. I really enjoy the taste of the Kiwami Greens, and just this past week I brought along a few packets for Elisabeth too on our jaunt.


Making slow and steady series of small victories is far more desirable in the long run. You’re basically training your brain to succeed. Start by skipping meat once a week. Next time, take the stairs rather than the elevator. Drink 1 extra glass of water per day. Or if you want to start running, do so only 10 minutes every day and gradually build up your time. Remember the push-up challenge one of my CrossFit coaches suggested I do a few years ago? I started with 1 pushup, and added 1 more each day, for a 30 day challenge. It was incredible how much I improved over that one quick month.


Missed one day? Don’t worry about it! Start up again, the very next. Don’t fret about occasional bumps in the road — your habit building can still proceed without a hitch.


If you’re not a morning person I’m not talking about getting up and working out immediately. I’ve never been one to workout earlier in the day. But, for some their willpower is higher in the day and you can reap those rewards all day long. What I’m talking about is making meals or preparing for them ahead of time, so when you’re a starved gull you’ll have something prepped. Your past self will thank your future self.

Kiwami Greens are vegan, non-gmo, and gluten-free. I prefer the easy route of simply mixing it in with water and drinking it that way. However, you could always add it into milk or yogurt, and add it into your favourite juices or smoothies to disguise the taste if you weren’t a fan. It kinda tastes like green tea a bit!

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