Move More #GoodForYou

Nancy with Specialized vita bikeIt’s back to business after December’s holiday indulgences.

I haven’t been to Newfoundland in a year, so when I flew home to visit my mom, my belly was very happy with eating her home cooked meals, and getting invited out to all my friends and families places. So good! I miss all the socialization in Newfoundland due to the life-long friendships I have back there.

I don’t always make resolutions at the start of the year. But this past year I spent a lot of my time at my desk or being sedentary. I plan to change that this year with jumping back into the swing of things with a routine and schedule in place. That means more weekly yoga trips, more bouldering and definitely more group workout classes. I just want to move!

I’m probably not alone. A common resolution for many people is to get fit, and hit the gym. I know the regulars are going to moan and groan about the new-comers. But some of those new people joining your gym could easily become regulars or even a workout pal of yours in the future if you reach out to them. So don’t knock’em.

For some people, work and travel can also get into their normal routine of doing what’s good for them. I know this is true for me. I didn’t always make the best food choices while home in Newfoundland, didn’t hydrate like I normally do, and I certainly didn’t exercise enough

That being said I’m not huge into attending a regular gym to do my own workouts. I prefer group yoga, or like I said group workouts similar to CrossFit or fit36. And bouldering….Oh I’ve missed it terribly. In preparation I’ve already trimmed down all my nails to drive over and get a nice climb in.

So my question for you guys, do you have a word of the year (like me: “move”), or a resolution set for yourselves? To enter for a chance to win, post your New Year’s Resolution for 2017 with a photo that shows off what it is. Include #GoodForYou and #ComfortInn (in a tweet or Instagram post) and follow @spiffykerms on Instagram/Twitter.

1 winner will be selected to win this grand prize:

  • Pro-Maxima – treadmill!!! Just like the kind you can find at Comfort Inn and Comfort Suits hotel gyms.
  • One year’s supply of Glaceau Smart Water by Coca Cola (52 cases)
  • Gym in a Bag by Hotel Fitness
  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • Open to US + Canadian residents
  • Must be following @spiffykerms (on Instagram/Twitter)
  • Post must include #GoodForYou and #ComfortInn
  • Post must include a photo that shows off your resolution in some way
  • Post must be on Instagram or Twitter
  • Profile must be public until the end of the contest

Once you have posted on Instagram or Twitter, you must fill out this form so I can document your e-mails to select a winner! Contest is open to both Canadian and US residents. Posts will only be considered on social media (as it’s not a random drawing but involves effort on your part). So, get started! This contest closes January 31, 2017.

This blog post is sponsored by Choice Hotels to celebrate its Comfort® brand hotels is now the larges brand to go 100% smoke free in the US and Canada (important to me as I have mild asthma and weird hives going on!). Choice Hotels has resolved to be smoke free as part of its efforts to make your stay #GoodForYou, along with healthy breakfast items and fitness facilities. Check it out here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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