I’ve been avoiding talking about the Boston tragedy on my blog for the past number of days. I’ve just been dumb-founded, speechless and literally do not know what to say except that I’ve been thinking of them all. All of those families. I’ve read blog posts from runners who were there, and the posts just made my eyes well up and my arms get goosebumps. Cannot even fathom.

Last night I woke up with the boyf coming into the bedroom telling me that he was listening to the police scanners and that one of the bombers is now dead, and the other 19 year old a-hole was in a building with a gun, and the swat team had the entire block guarded off. I’ve been on the news website since I woke up and am now keeping track of what’s going on with the second bomber finding out that they are brothers.

I will keep watching, and thinking of Boston.


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