How I Style

First day back to work in 2012. Oh, it’s always so hard to come back to reality, isn’t it?

Well it’s a new year so I have a new topic. How I Style… blazers. I’ve styled my cardigans for seven weeks now, so I thought I’d switch it up and show you how I’ve worn my inexpensive blazers for work.

This will be a short little post as I feel very corporate and businesslike workin the red blazer. I haven’t found an ideal way to dress it down just yet. But this is the way I’ve been styling it for the time being.This blazer was originally over $100 at Mexx. I never noticed it until it was on the sale rack for $40. It’s made of a really thick wool and there were a few other colors to choose from like grey and black. I’m somewhat kicking myself for not picking up the grey one. But from what you see below, I clearly don’t wear it often enough. I really dislike the middle look. I look like a middle-aged boss lady. Ew. My favorite has to be the one on the left, just paired everything all simple-like with black, and making the blazer pop on its own.

How would you pair this?

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