Battle of the eReaders

Hypothetical question for you guys and gals out there today. If you had to buy an ebook on your ereader, or iPad which would you choose and why?

I’m not a huge reader myself, which is why I purchased my iPad last summer, and have yet to buy any ebooks. Oops. But I’m wondering what everyone is reading lately? Probably the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy, am I right?

I don’t talk about my iPad usage all that much, but quite frankly, I use my iPad more often than booting up my old school laptop from 2006. I bring it everywhere with me, whether or not I need it. It’s just so portable and convenient. Plus you don’t need the internet to use the iPad, since I’ve downloaded a ton of free games, and other things that don’t require internet.

Always in my purse. See?

My Mom is a huge reader for example, but I bought a BlackBerry PlayBook for my parents just this past Christmas. I know that a PlayBook or an iPad doesn’t even compare to an eReader and getting the best ebook to read, since they do completely different things. But it’d be interesting to see what kind of eReaders people are buying.

Do you have one? Was it a good buy?

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